Nail Art Magic :)


hello Makeupoholics ,

today i am going to share a veryyy interesting video with you all ... its all about Nail Art ... :) hope you like it ... dnt forget to send me your nail pics ... love you all ...

you can create some wonders by following this video . Below are some more pics xoxo

Create any design in tab water first... be creative...

you can use toothpicks to create these designs...

step by step...

you can add glitters or beads in the end  ... whatever you like... 

and the result is BEAUTIFULL !!! 
stay tuned for more videos ... dnt forget to LIKE my page on Facebook ... thank you all for watching ... :)

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  1. Couldn't you brush elmers glue on your skin, then peel it off? Just a thought.

    1. sounds great ... have you tried it yet ? do share the results dear :)

  2. water marble nail art... my favorite technique for nail art because end results are amazing and we can apply it on our both hands...;)
    Unfortunately, my nail polish do not spread everytime. I am really disappoint because of this thing. I added nail polish varnish in the water before nail polish, still it doesn't works most of the time.

    Any suggestions??

    1. Try to make sure that your nail polish is of accurate consistency means not too think not too runny , Hope it helps .

  3. nice one also see mine nail arts too :D


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