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hello Makeupoholics ,

today i am going to share a veryyy interesting video with you all ... its News Paper Nail Art ... :) hope you like it ... dnt forget to send me your nail pics ... love you all ...

You will need:
clear polish
nude-color polish
base coat
hand sanitizer or drinking alcohol (anything with mostly ethanol)

Step 1: Cut newspaper big enough to cover the nails

I had trouble finding an article without death, war, and/or politics as topics...

Step 2: Apply base coat

Step 3: Apply nude colour polish ( if you want you can apply coloured nail polish as well but try to go for lighter shades.

 Step 4: Apply ethanol product on the nails

Make sure it is just enough to dampen the surface! 

Step 5: Paste the newspaper on the nail

Press it down and don't shift it around!

Step 6: Apply a little more ethanol product on newspaper 

Step 7: Carefully peel the newspaper

Step 8: Apply clear coat( you can clean the edges with cotton buds )

Nicely done!! 

Still Confused ??? you can watch the video Tutorial aswell

Some more pics of News Paper Nail Art Designs 

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  1. Hey :) friend sent me this link. I tried it but my "ethanol product" didn't work so well. So I experimented!! I cut out little bits of newspaper and made French tips with it, 'gluing' it on with clear nail polish. It worked a lot better than expected and, while not perfect, looks cool :)
    Never would have thought to do that if not for this first idea!

  2. @Sarah thanks for liking dear and u r really creative.. will def try it ur way .. <3 :)

  3. very creative. Love the art work.

  4. ohh i ws looking fr the rubbing alcohol to do this nail art..nw i wud use the same technique..thanxx :)
    m following

    do check my blog


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