PRODUCT OF THE WEEK # 2 : Anti-Bacterial Gel Wash By Hollywood Style USA


Hello everyone, happy Monday so here it is my review on my recent most favorite product i.e.: Antibacterial Gel Wash by Hollywood Style USA. Hope you like it and find it helpful.

Hollywood Style USA says:

Daily use of this lightly forming gel wash with antibacterial actives, such as the germ-fighting power of triclosan and parachloroxylenol , will leave your face feeling and looking visibly cleaner. Washes away bacteria and germs left on skin by contact with contaminants found everywhere in our environment. Provides complete cleansing to remove unwanted microbes, dirt and dead cells. Improves skin texture, refreshes, purifies and moisturizes.

My thoughts about it:

In summers specially, I used to have some breakouts and pimples problems occasionally. I was using Clearasil Daily Face Wash before and I don’t know why but it wasn’t available in the store for quite some time and I was out of stock for it. Then I decided to use something else. I know it’s risky but it was worth it. I was already using some other Hollywood Style USA products before and found them great (will post their review soon) .So, I decided to check their face wash. They have quite a range for face washes but my pick was Antibacterial Gel Wash ( although they have a product like Acne-Wash as well but I am having few pimples not serious acne that’s why I prefer Anti-Bacterial Gel Wash).Well I must say it has done its work very well . After using it for just few days, all my breakouts and pimples just vanish and thank GOD my skin gets all clear again. Not only clears skin but it also controls oil on my skin for many hours without letting my skin over dry (which other anti-bacterial or acne face washes did sometimes like Clearasil Face Wash).

I use it in the morning and before going to bed. Just squeeze a little amount into palm and apply it to wet face , gently massaging into lather (I usually count for 60 seconds, I know that sounds crazy J ) and then rinse well. And this little miracle will do the magic.


  • It does visibly clear your skin. I mainly have fewer pimples on my face and it always gets rid of most of them.
  • It leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. It feels very smooth afterward and controls face oil for many hours.
  • It doesn't smell toxic. Although I've never actually flat out sniffed it, it doesn't smell exactly brilliant but it isn't a bad smell.

Believe me, I am using it from past 2 months and I didn’t found any yet. But It may not suit some people for what so ever reasons. But you can give it a try as it’s not that much expensive, and if you have some irritation or redness then stop using it.

Price & Availability 

Even its cost is very reasonable. Unlike other anti-bacterial or acne face washes like Clearasil Daily Face Wash which cost Rs.475 (I don’t know why but their prices vary from store to store) , the price of Anti-bacterial Gel Wash by Hollywood Style USA is just Rs.270 isn’t it amazing …. I don’t compromise quality for price but the brand seems to maintain its quality with such an affordable price.
You can find it in Lahore , Pakistan from Al-Fateh Departmental Store Libery Gulberg  , Enem Liberty , Victoria Departmental Store Link Road , Hyper Market Fortress Stadium . I am not sure about its avilability in other cities or countries but you can check their website Here .

Would I recommend it?

Definitely YES for OILY or combination skin or if you have some breakouts problem. 

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Quit Tip For Pimples : I read this tip in a newspaper and successfully tried it .Just take a Chalk ( used to write on blackboards ) crush it and make a powder of it then add little amount of water and make a paste . Apply it on pimples one by one and leave it for overnight. In the morning you will definitely see a noticeable change  ( sometimes the size of the pimple get reduced , sometimes I get a flatten skin *fortunately* and one thing for sure is that there will be no more pain as it will dry out your pimples .. just try it and do tell me if it works for you as well :) )

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