REVIEW : Terracotta Blush-On Shade: 45 by FLORMAR


Hello Makeupoholics, so here it is my review on my purchase Terracotta Blush-On Shade: 45 by FLORMAR. Hope you like it and find it helpful.

Few Words About The Company 

Flormar history begins in 1970 in Milan, Italy. In 1986 production was moved to Turkey, using modern techniques in plant and factory in Istanbul.
 Flormar offers the widest and comprehensive range of cosmetic products, with over 800 products: funds, face powder, eye shadow, mascara, lipsticks, nail polishes and accessories, all made in accordance with strict quality regulations and surprisingly enough, at low prices. You can check their website here 

Terracotta Blush- Ons

Flormar says:

It allows skin to get vivid and healthy look.  

Comes in follwing colors:

My Pick: Shade 45

My thoughts about it:

The claim isn’t that brief but I must say its one of my new favorite’s blush-on. I could very easily sum this review up in a simple sentence: it’s peachy pink, its shimmery and I like it a lot. For those who want a little more detail; please read on!

The blush is super pigmented and beautiful. It has a peachy Pink Color with gold shimmer. This product can be a substitute of Karaja’s Shimmery Blusher (sorry I forgot the shade no) with a bit more peach and the addition of gold shimmer….

The shimmer blushes are highly pigmented so you should definitely use a light hand. This one is my first blusher from Flormar and I am really impressed, can’t wait to try more. Flormar blushes are definitely close to Karaja’s Shimmer Blushes for a fraction of the cost.

I know summer isn’t a good weather for applying shimmery blushers but you can wear a little bit in day or night. You can even try this blusher as an eye shadow as it looks great on eyes swell.

Price & Availability:

 Well it comes with a price tag of PAK Rs 495. ( whereas karaja’s one was about PAK Rs.650 plus ) and you can find it from any big Departmental Store in Lahore Pakistan ( Enem Liberty , Raja Sahib Link Road etc .) or you can check Flormars Website here

Would I recommend it?

Definitely YES, if you like shimmery blushers

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