Hello everyone, so here it is my very first review on any product. Hope you like it and find it helpful.

Kryolan says:

Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows gentle make-up application that provides effective covering at the same time. The KRYOLAN assortment of more than 250 color nuances for selection is truly extraordinary - which makes this preparation indispensable for stage, film, TV and video work.

TV Paint Stick is available in a variety of more than 120 shades.

Available in a handy twist-up cylinder. Weight 25 g

KRYOLAN TV Paint Stick Shade : F 1

KRYOLAN TV Paint Stick Shade : 1 W

KRYOLAN TV Paint Stick Shade : W1 (Left) and F 1 (Right)
see the difference...

KRYOLAN TV Paint Stick Shade :  1 W ( hope you can see the blend one patch aswell... pls dnt mind my photography skills :) )

KRYOLAN TV Paint Stick Shade : F 1 ( hope you can see the blend one patch aswell... pls dnt mind my photograhic skills :) )

My thoughts about it:

Well I must say that its one of the best foundation I have ever known. Especially if you want a medium to full coverage. As my skin have some acne problems during summer season or I do have some breakouts on an off so this stick does its best and gives full coverage. And I found many professional make up artists using it successfully for photo shoots, party or even bridal make ups.

It does appear cakey if you don’t choose a proper color for your skin or applied too much. And you do feel it on your skin as it gives full coverage. So, avoid applying a heavy base in summer especially for any mishaps :)

I go for a yellow base tone if I am going for some event in evening ( Shade : F : 1 ) whereas a  nude one ( Shade 1 : W )  for a day time . But I do mix both shades usually to give a more natural look  all depends on your skin tone.

No fancy packaging but still performs its duty well.

Some important points:

•           A medium to full coverage, build able and with a very easy to work with creamy texture.

•           DOES lasts well over 5-8 hours on oily skin ( better to apply some oil control products first ) and more then 10 hrs on dry to normal skin  (if applied with a good moisturizer). I usually don’t use any primer underneath, and my skin is really oily in summer, but this works well.

•           A flawless finish but do set it with powder for best results.

•           Application with a damp sponge is a must.

•           Quite affordable and gives a professional look.

•           Shade selection: a wide variety of shades are available so no worries.

Price: Well its quite surprising that I found it with a price tag of PKR Rs. 900 from Victoria Departmental store Lahore whereas it was just PKR Rs. 695 from Al-Fateh Departmental Store Lahore (sorry if there is any increase in prices as this foundation lasts for quite a long period of time and cosmetics do get costly after few days but still its easily AFFORDABLE)

Would I recommend it?

Definitely YES, full professional coverage with such an affordable price.

Hope you like my fist review . Dont forget to give your feedback <3 

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