Hello everyone, so here it is my very first review on any product. Hope you like it and find it helpful.

Kryolan says:

Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows gentle make-up application that provides effective covering at the same time. The KRYOLAN assortment of more than 250 color nuances for selection is truly extraordinary - which makes this preparation indispensable for stage, film, TV and video work.

TV Paint Stick is available in a variety of more than 120 shades.

Available in a handy twist-up cylinder. Weight 25 g

KRYOLAN TV Paint Stick Shade : F 1

KRYOLAN TV Paint Stick Shade : 1 W

KRYOLAN TV Paint Stick Shade : W1 (Left) and F 1 (Right)
see the difference...

KRYOLAN TV Paint Stick Shade :  1 W ( hope you can see the blend one patch aswell... pls dnt mind my photography skills :) )

KRYOLAN TV Paint Stick Shade : F 1 ( hope you can see the blend one patch aswell... pls dnt mind my photograhic skills :) )

My thoughts about it:

Well I must say that its one of the best foundation I have ever known. Especially if you want a medium to full coverage. As my skin have some acne problems during summer season or I do have some breakouts on an off so this stick does its best and gives full coverage. And I found many professional make up artists using it successfully for photo shoots, party or even bridal make ups.

It does appear cakey if you don’t choose a proper color for your skin or applied too much. And you do feel it on your skin as it gives full coverage. So, avoid applying a heavy base in summer especially for any mishaps :)

I go for a yellow base tone if I am going for some event in evening ( Shade : F : 1 ) whereas a  nude one ( Shade 1 : W )  for a day time . But I do mix both shades usually to give a more natural look  all depends on your skin tone.

No fancy packaging but still performs its duty well.

Some important points:

•           A medium to full coverage, build able and with a very easy to work with creamy texture.

•           DOES lasts well over 5-8 hours on oily skin ( better to apply some oil control products first ) and more then 10 hrs on dry to normal skin  (if applied with a good moisturizer). I usually don’t use any primer underneath, and my skin is really oily in summer, but this works well.

•           A flawless finish but do set it with powder for best results.

•           Application with a damp sponge is a must.

•           Quite affordable and gives a professional look.

•           Shade selection: a wide variety of shades are available so no worries.

Price: Well its quite surprising that I found it with a price tag of PKR Rs. 900 from Victoria Departmental store Lahore whereas it was just PKR Rs. 695 from Al-Fateh Departmental Store Lahore (sorry if there is any increase in prices as this foundation lasts for quite a long period of time and cosmetics do get costly after few days but still its easily AFFORDABLE)

Would I recommend it?

Definitely YES, full professional coverage with such an affordable price.

Hope you like my fist review . Dont forget to give your feedback <3 

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  1. How do I find out what foundation to use...?
    & I have never used it before. I am from Bangladesh.
    thank you very much.

    1. dear first you need to find out your skin type ... for choosing the right foundation for you or for other skin tips like my facebook page or checlk this link pls

  2. Hi just wondering if you can help me. Im trying to find the right shade for this stick foundation. I am very fair and I use Clinique super balanced liquid makeup in color (Alabaster) do you think 1W would be a right choice for me. any suggestions? thanks

    1. go to website , put your current fav or close to your skin color foundations with brands and they will give a match for kryolan stick :)

  3. is for skin oil ??( acne). thanks!! valeria bs as argentina

    1. Have used it .. u need a good primer that can control oil n setting spray n u r good to go :)

  4. How use it in summer for party makeup

    1. Have used it in summer as well .. u need a good primer that can control oil n setting spray n u r good to go :)

  5. This is a very reliable face base no doubt. :) I've got it in W3 shade. :) but I didn't know it has a variety of 120 shades. lol... Thanks for info :)

    1. no problem dear.. thanks for liking .. its an awesome base no doubt :)

  6. Hello Sana... Am also using Krylon n it works well on my skin. Since I have dry sensitive skin should I apply it daily? Am still searching for a foundation that's suits my skin ... I am medium skin tone with dryness around my lower cheeks, chin n upper forehead ... Will you be able to suggest a good foundation n primer for daily use ?

    1. Hi dear , no foundation should be applied on regular basis .. you need to give some rest to your skin .. If you dont need much coverage , a good moisturizer ( tinted one if you want )+ concealer can work great for dry skin ... or bb cream i would suggest .. Clinique moisturizing primer is good for dry skin type Xx

    2. Thank you Sana... I shall check on the Clinique moisturiser... Thanx !


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