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Denim, the true “fabric of our lives”. and the epitome of versatile, I’m willing to bet that most of you have owned more that 30 pairs in your lifetime thus far, and probably have at least 3 pairs in your closet right now (or 10 pairs if you’re crazy like me).

The great thing about denim is that they come at every price point, and no matter how little you paid for them, they’re still just as durable as premium brands. Designer denim is one of my weaknesses, but I have a few pairs from American Eagle as well. Try to go  for really trendy pairs, like boyfriend jeans, and spurge on more classic cuts that won’t go out of style any time soon.

Skinny jeans have dominated the scene for the last 5 years or so, with new designs like jeggings and patterned leggings popping up as well. Boyfriend jeans emerged within the celebrity crowd, but were limited to the uber daring girls–definitely not mainstream. Last year, focus shifted to skinny cargo and harem pants, garnering the attention of the fashion world.

2011 I feel is the year of denim. 70′s trends are making a comeback, as well as a “return to luxury,” bringing trouser and bell bottom styles to retailers across America. Frustrated that trends have rebounded so quickly? I’ve written a refresher course on the easiest ways to wear popular denim cuts…

Classic Boot Cut

These jeans are fitted through the thigh, and looser around the calves allowing for room for a tall shoe (like a boot) to fit underneath (thus, boot cut). These are the most neutral cut of jeans you can own, and will never go out of style. Buy a mid-rise pair for the most flattering fit, and own a longer pair and shorter pair to wear with both heels and flats.

The great thing about these jeans is that they’re so easy to dress either up or down. You can wear these with literally everything in your closet. This outfit would be great for a night on the town–the heels and chandelier earrings dress up a basic pair of jeans and sweater.

Skinny Jeans

I just loveeee them xoxo :)

I have a feeling that these common jeans aren’t going anywhere, especially in trickle-down states like us in Oklahoma. These jeans fit snugly throughout the entire leg, making them ideal to wear with a tunic or tucked into boots. Jeggings look similar and are more comfortable, but personally I hate them–they just aren’t flattering and are not an excuse to wear leggings as pants. Never throw yours out–even though the style may come and go, their shape is perfect for wearing with all of your favorite boots.

With skinny jeans, it’s important to have bulk on your upper half to balance out fullness in your hips. A blousy floral top and boyfriend blazer does the trick. Rock your skinnies with a pair of riding boots, and finish with chic jewelry.

Wide-Leg Trouser Jeans

I LOVE this new style of jeans! The trick is to find a pair that’s loose throughout the leg, fitted on your butt, and mid-rise to keep you from looking stumpy. Dark washes can easily be dressed up for smart casual occasions. If you’re short, pair these jeans with heels to elongate your legs, but I think they look cool with flats as well.

This look is preppy and a bit nautical inspired! These wide leg trousers will look laidback-cool with a soft striped v-neck and cozy cardigan. Dress it up with a necklace and headband, and finish with satin red ballet flats.

Boyfriend Jeans

The main difference between wide leg jeans and boyfriend jeans are their fit through the hips and tailoring at the bottom. Typically, wide leg trousers will be very fitted at the hips and neatly tailored at the hem, often with a wide cuff. Boyfriend jeans are loose and “boy cut” on top, while the bottoms are rolled up to the length of one’s choice. Boyfriend jeans should be worn with a fitted top and girly shoes to keep from looking sloppy or masculine.

Boyfriend jeans often need to be worn with a belt to keep them from falling off. Tuck in a ruffled top and pair with a fitted jacket. A great pair of wedges will keep the outfit looking stylish and pulled together. Finish with a beanie and cuff bracelet.

High Waist Jeans

Jessica Simpson might have given these jeans a bad rep, but they can be really flattering when wore correctly–as in, with a thinner belt and blousey top. It’s essential to wear this style with a thin heel! If you have a fuller midsection, you should probably skip this trend. It looks best on hour-glass figured girls.

This is what Jessica Simpson SHOULD have worn that fateful day. High waisted jeans that are also really wide cut is too much denim–look for boot cut versions. Tuck in a full top, and wear with a belt to accent your waist. Finish with a pair of peep toe pumps and fancy cuff bracelet.

New Bell Bottoms

Instead of the ragged pair worn my hippies, think of the tailored cuts of the 70′s. These new flared jeans are made to be worn with sky-high heels. I absolutely love these jeans because they’re so flattering on any body type, and make your butt look SO good. Try these jeans out with a loose sweater or trendy cropped top.

Work modern bell bottoms with any top in your closet, but I love the look and feel of the distressed sweaters that have been popping up everywhere. Play up the counterculture vibe with a hairband and retro pair of clogs.

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