Ex-foliating Daily Wash - Professional Formula by Hollywood Style USA


Hello everyone, happy Thursday so here it is my review on one of my favourite product i.e.: Ex-foliating Daily Wash - Professional Formula by Hollywood Style USA. Hope you like it and find it helpful.

Hollywood Style USA says:

A unique advanced Apricot Scrub formulated with finely-ground dried apricot and walnut kernels to create a magical rich and pure scrub cream 2-in-1 that intensively works to remove dry, flaky skin; dead cells; oil and dirt from deep within the pores; at same time balances skin moisture. Pure herbal extracts and super moisturizing vitamins have been added that leave skin glowing, soft, and fresh. Aloe vera is a natural cleanser that also has soothing and healing properties. After rinsing, your skin will be clean, fresh, and healthy. For all types of skin.

Sizes Available
6 ozTube
10 ozJar
20 ozJar

My thoughts about it:

In summers specially, I used to have some breakouts and pimples problems occasionally. As i mentioned earlier in my review about Anti-Bacterial Gel Wash by Hollywood Style USA ,I was using Clearasil Daily Face Wash before and I don’t know why but it wasn’t available in the store for quite some time and I was out of stock for it. Then I decided to use something else. I know it’s risky but it was worth it. I was already using some other Hollywood Style USA products before and found them great (will post their review soon) .So, I decided to check their face wash range. They have quite a range for face washes but my picks were Antibacterial Gel Wash (review here) and Ex-foliating Daily Wash - Professional Formula .

As i have already done my review on Anti-bacterial Gel wash, toady i am going to talk about their another great face wash i.e :  Ex-foliating Daily Wash - Professional Formula. 

Daily exfoliation is something I have read many good things about.It is recommended by many experts to gently Ex-foliate your skin on almost daily basis . Even some says its good to gently ex-foliate your skin in the morning and in the night to clean your skin to remove dry, flaky skin; dead cells, oil and dirt from deep within the pores. 

This facewash has smooth, white exfoliating granules . These are quite small and smooth making it gentle enough for daily use. This face wash does not excessively dry the skin, at the same time giving your skin a clean and refreshed feeling. The freshness lasts for almost half a day which is quite good compared to other face washes I have tried. I however, have my doubts as to whether this is actually soap free as it foams generously. It has a mild, pleasant smell.

I have an Oily skin . A face wash that removes oil well but leaves your skin very dry, can cause your skin to produce even more oil in defense to the dryness, thus causing more oiliness and probably pimples.
This face wash however, seemed perfect for all my needs. It gently ex-foliates my skin , removes dead cells , as well as oil and dirt from deep within the pores and  at same time it balances my skin moisture without letting it over drying , which protects from breakouts and pimples as well.  
How to Use : 
Just squeeze a little amount into palm and apply it to wet face , gently massaging into lather (I usually count for 60 seconds, I know that sounds crazy  ) and then rinse well. 
Price & Availability 

Even its cost is very reasonable. The price of  Ex-foliating Daily Wash - Professional Formula by Hollywood Style USA is just Rs.270 isn’t it amazing …. I don’t compromise quality for price but the brand seems to maintain its quality with such an affordable price.You can find it in Lahore , Pakistan from Al-Fateh Departmental Store Libery Gulberg  , Enem Liberty , Victoria Departmental Store Link Road , Hyper Market Fortress Stadium . I am not sure about its avilability in other cities or countries but you can check their website Here .

Pros - Professional Formula by Hollywood Style USA
  • This is like a face wash and a mini scrub combined in one. Saves time when in a hurry.
  • The granules in this face wash are effective for exfoliation, yet gentle enough for daily use.
  • Does not dry out my dry areas and leaves my skin clean and fresh.
  • Neutral scent which I like. I generally do not have a liking for heavily perfumed skin care products.
  • Comes in like tube with a flip cover that shuts tight. Hygienic, convenient to use and easy to carry around in your handbag.
  • Also has some nourishing and hydrating power. On the days when I don’t want to use moisturizer, I use this and leave my skin alone without worrying about excessive dryness.
  • Little amount is sufficient for the face and neck.
  • Price is very affordable
Cons- Professional Formula by Hollywood Style USA
  • Although this is good enough for daily exfoliation, those who prefer a heavier exfoliation may not find it good enough. Not effective on my stubborn dead cells in the corner of nose and chin
  • Not very useful blackhead prevention as I do get them on my nose every now and then in spite of using this.
  • Doesn’t seem like soap free to me although Hollywood Style USA claims it to be.
Would I recommend it?
Definitely YES for Less Sensitive OILY or combination skin . 

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Quit Tip For Pimples : I read this tip in a newspaper and successfully tried it .Just take a Chalk ( used to write on blackboards ) crush it and make a powder of it then add little amount of water and make a paste . Apply it on pimples one by one and leave it for overnight. In the morning you will definitely see a noticeable change  ( sometimes the size of the pimple get reduced , sometimes I get a flatten skin *fortunately* and one thing for sure is that there will be no more pain as it will dry out your pimples .. just try it and do tell me if it works for you as well :) )

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