REVIEW : Whitening Cleanser by Hollywood Style USA


Hi Makeupoholics, 
Today I shall be reviewing Whitening Cleanser by Hollywood Style USA. I started using it from last three months but I wanted to get satisfied totally by the product and then write a review on it. So here I am reviewing this wonderful cleanser  Hope you like it and find it helpful.

Hollywood Style USA says:

Our chemists have formulated this luxurious cleanser with brightening and whitening actives. With regular cleansing, dark and uneven pigmentation, freckles, and age spots will gradually become lighter and complexion will radiate with natural beauty. Dull, lifeless skin begins to glow and look more youthful and fresh.
Professional beauty tips: Apply cleanser with cotton ball to to face and neck , rub gently for few minutes , then rinse skin thoroughly. For best results , use whitening cleanser every morning and night.

My thoughts about it:

I was in desperate need of a good cleanser  that can mainly work as a make up and dirt remover .I was already using some other Hollywood Style USA products before and found them great .So, I decided to check their cleanser.
I bought this cleanser not for the whitening effects but for the fact it could lighten minor blemishes and make my skin on the face appear flawless and glowing alongwith removing make up and dirt from my face . And to some extent ,  has lived up to my expectations. 
Best part about this cleanser is that it suits all skin types and hence there is no need to actually think twice before buying it. It did not break out my skin.

How to Use :

Just squeeze a little amount into palm and apply it to wet face , gently massaging into lather (I usually count for 60 seconds, I know that sounds crazy  ) and then rinse well.

Price & Availability

Even its cost is very reasonable. The price of  Whitening Cleanser by Hollywood Style USA is just Rs.270.You can find it in Lahore , Pakistan from Al-Fateh Departmental Store Libery Gulberg  , Enem Liberty , Victoria Departmental Store Link Road , Hyper Market Fortress Stadium . I am not sure about its avilability in other cities or countries but you can check their website Here .

  •   To some extent it does what it claims
  •   After using for quite some time , it evens out the skin tone
  •   Doesn’t break me out
  •   Though it costs Rs.270/- for 150 ml, it goes on for a long time
  •   Does not have a strong smell/fragrance

  • Does not create wonders .

Will I purchase it again?

Yes, if you mainly want a makeup and dirt remmover it will do its job but it wouldn’t make you a whitening beauty overnight. I wouldn’t recommend using it alone for whitening your skin tone , for that you have to follow Hollywood Style USA complete whiteninh beauty line. Check there website here or you can check their facebook page here.

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  1. i like hollywood style products, have been using their face polish for 4 years now! nice review:)

    im following u now, would love it if u follow back:)

  2. @Rakhshan thank you soo much dear for visiting and liking my page .. m following yours :)

  3. can we use it daily?

    1. yes of course... i am using it on almost daily basis :)

  4. wht abt face washes??? has anyone used any of their face wash

    1. have used almost all their face washes n they are too good :)

  5. in beauty salon for facial can we use their products...or it have good result

    1. I am using it frm past many years and still loving it . Its good for daily cleansing and makeup removing . You can start your facial with it to clean any impurities frm the face,

  6. can we use their products for beauty salon and have it good result?????

  7. in beauty salon for facial can we use their products...or it have good result

  8. I Want to know about holywood toner and shiner

    1. check review hr dear

  9. have you used their sunblock
    this is their new cream range is it available in pakistan

  10. have you used their sunblock
    and have your tried their new cream range

    1. i have reviewed their Sunblock dear link hr


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