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Hello my dear Makeupoholics ,

I am very much exited today as i am going to share how to give highlights in your hair at home ... it was very much requested to give guidelines ... and here i am sharing the best of my knowledge ... hope you all like it and find it helpful <3

here we go ... please read and follow all the steps carefully ..

1.       It is highly recomended to wash your hair with your regular shampoo before cutdown or highlighting your hair. Please dont apply conditioner .... as its better to apply it later.

2.       Before Highlighting You may need to Cutdown your hair color. Cut down means you may need to bleach or cut down the original color of your hair color if they are dark enough, beacuse otherwise you will not be able to get the required shade( if its lighter then your original hair color ). 

Bleaching Your Hair ( cut down )

There are two ways to bleach your hair streaks

·         With ordinary Bleach cream :

Its as simple as bleaching your facial hair. Take any bleach cream like Mod Girl Cream Bleach large bottle and put the whole amount of powder available along with it, dnt forget to mix well. And then apply it on your hair by making sections ( watch below videos and pics how to make sections ) . You can seal the applied bleach cream hair strands with a foil , its not necessary . Wait , till you get the required shade (light gold ) It may take you 30-40 mins . Then wash your hair with plain water and let it dry(dnt apply conditioner). Sometimes , the bleaching color itself is soo good that you dnt need to apply any other color further more.
Note : I am using this method for the first time on my sis hair and sharing pics with you :)

·         With Keune

Take Keune Developer Vol 30 full bottle and Keune Bleaching Powder/Streaking Powder Half Bottle. Mix well . Apply on hair making sections( watch below videos and pics how to make sections ) . Wait till you get the required color ( that’s why sometimes not using foil is better so you can see the hair changing its color).But do use foils if later you are not going to apply the highlighter color on all your hair. Wait for 15-30 mins depends on how dark your orginal hair are and it works faster then usual bleach creams. Then wash your hair with plain water and let it dry .

 Sectioning Your hair for Bleaching : 

Watch these two videos first 

Hope these videos help you , bu if not check my bleaching step pics here : ( sorry if they are not clear)

Important Note : I am using the bleaching cream method here and not using any foils ... dont worry if it looks messy because later i am going to apply the color on whole hair for that light and dark hair effect ... 

divide you hair in two main sections ... front n back....

apply bleaching cream to the back side first .. its easy this way..

fully cover your hair with the product .. otherwise you will not get the results..

if there r five hair strands .. you need to apply product on strand no : 1 , 3, 5 ... easy isnt it ...

while going upward...on second row... apply product on hair strand 2, 4, 6..... just fill the gaps ... easy again...

apply bleach on one hair strand , miss the second and then again apply on third ... cover the whole back area this way...

front section... take a middle partition..again go for the deep down last line and work your way upward on one partition...while moving upward ... follow the 1,3,5 strategy ...this way complete the whole front section...

So , once you are done with bleaching your hair ... you can apply the highlighting color if you want ( if you dnt get the required results after bleaching your hair with normal bleach cream specially ) 

Apply the Highlighting Color 

  • If you want  a dark and light effect of same color : My sis hair color is already kind of blond ... so she just want to go for dark and light effect .For this purpose , she has applied Revlon Dark Ash Blond 60 on her whole hair( thats why i wasnt using foil )  for 60 mins ( coz she wants a grey hair coverage as well )...  After max 60 mins , wash your hair again with plain water by gently rubbing your hair and apply conditioner ( comes along with the hair color ) leave for 5 mins then wash again with normal water and you are ready to shine :)

mix the color properly and apply it on your hair evenly ... 

after washing and conditioning.. the final results are here .... :)

  • Prominent Streaks : Second method is to apply the color only on the bleached hair strands or streaks... after applying color just like you had applied the bleaching cream , cover the hair strands with a foil to protect the remaining hair from coloring...wait for 40 mins approx and wash your hair with plain water ( not warm water) Apply the conditioner provided with the color on all your hair equally... wait for five mins and wash again... and you are ready to shine :)
Hope you all like my effort ... please feel free to ask any questions or give your feedback ... your positive feedback means the world to me ... <3

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