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Hello my dear Makeupoholics ,

Hope all you beauties are doing great. After soo many requests , here I am with my daily beauty routine... along with that i am sharing some important info from a great article... So , you guys will have the best guide info regarding your daily routine as well as My Personal Skincare Routine... isn't it doubles the fun... hope you all like it ... do give your feedback <3

DISCLAIMER : First of all I would like to declare LOUDLY and HONESTLY , that I am NOT AT ALL by any means associated with Hollywood Style USA … I am not getting anything or any favor for my genuine and sincere reviews. I have bought all the Hollywood Style USA products from my OWN money [this also includes my hubbys money , and he is also not working for them  , neither he owned Hollywood style USA company ;) ]

Washing, Toning & Moisturizing:

Skin Care Routines for Morning and Evening

Your dermatologist has likely told you that establishing and sticking with a great skin care regimen is essential for many reasons. Practicing great skin care habits can help you protect your skin from harmful environmental factors, can help you slow the skin aging process and can keep blemishes and other unsightly skin problems at bay.

However, many women find the idea of creating a skin routine a little overwhelming and most often think they don’t have time to devote to the challenging task. The good news is, there are many easy skin care tips you can do every day, without spending a lot of time on your facial area.

Step 1:
Cleansing the Face Morning and Evening

One of the most important steps to any beauty regimen is daily cleansing of the facial area. At minimum, you should cleanse your face twice a day, in morning and in evening. Whether you choose a facial cleansing bar or a foam wash for the task doesn’t matter. However, you should be sure the cleanser you use is right for your skin type. If you’re not sure, visit a makeup counter at your local department store to find out what type of skin you have.
Cleansing is extremely important in the morning, so you can be sure any dirt that collected in the night is cleared away before you apply cosmetics. In the evening, it’s important to wash away the dirt and makeup from the day. With today’s modern products, cleaning your face should only take you a few minutes and every woman has at least two minutes to spare in the morning and at night!

My Routine : 

keeping the above info in mind ,i follow these two steps :

(a).Whitening Cleanser by Hollywood Style USA (review here)

(a).I cleanse my face daily with Hollywood Style USA Whitening Cleanser (review here) in morning as well as in evening... basically i use to apply it directly on my face , message for a minute in circular motions and then wipe it off with soft tissue..

 Day : Ex-foliating Daily Wash - Professional Formula by Hollywood Style USA ( review here)

( b ). Then i wash my face with Hollywood Style USA Antibacterial Gel wash (review here) in the night . But i wash my face with Hollywood Style USA Exfoliating Daily Wash ( review here) in the morning (i believe in daily exfoliating your skin )  ...

Optional step : after washing my face with a face wash , if its summer and if i am not using an exfoliating face wash , i make a paste of Besan ( Gram flour is a flour made from ground chickpeas. It is also known as chickpea flour, garbanzo flour, or besan) + water n apply it on my face n gently rub in circular motions ... it controls extra oil of my face as well as dries any acne or breakouts .. but normal to dry skin type people should avoid using it... 

Step 2:
Apply Toner to Tight and Clean Pores at Night

Whether you have dry, normal, oily or combination skin, it’s important to use a toner right after you’ve cleansed your face at night. A toner further removes dirt from your face and works to tighten your pores. Again, be sure you choose a toner specifically for your skin type, to see the best results. To apply toner, simply wet a clean cotton ball with it and swipe it across your face. If you’re in an extreme hurry, you can always choose to hit the most important areas like your forehead, nose and chin. Many people make the letter “I” across their face, with their toner cotton ball, if they are in a hurry.

My Routine :

 Hollywood Style Pore Tightening Astringent (review here)

I am having some enlarged pores right now thats why i am using Hollywood Style Pore Tightening Astringent (review here) for this purpose , I wet  a cotton ball with the liquid and gently dab it on my face and neck.

Step 3:
Use Moisturizer in the AM (with sunscreen) and PM (anti-aging)

Moisturizer is very important to help you protect your face from aging and to help repair the damage already done to your skin. Learning how to apply moisturizer is extremely simple. All you need to do is wait for your toner to dry completely and then apply your facial lotion all over your face. Blend it in gently (do not scrub) and wait for it to dry before applying your makeup. If you want extra protection, look for moisturizers with sunscreen built in. In addition, if you are more concerned about skin aging, look for varieties that offer added age reversal effects.

My Routine :

P.M ( before going to bed )

Clinagel Gel ( review here )

a)    (a).  If i am having pimples , i simply apply Clinagel Gel ( review here )to control them in the night without following any moisturizer because my skin is extremely oily in summer and more moisture results in more oil production resulting more breakouts ...

b)    (b).  If i am not having any breakouts or pimples (my lucky days) , then i apply Fair and Lovely cream normal one( yes you heard me right !!) I am not using it for fairness or anything ... but i found it best to even out my skin tone without breaking me out...
A.M : ( in the morning )

Hollywood Style Sun block SPF 60 ( review here ) 

I simply use Hollywood Style Sun block SPF 60 ( review here ) , 30 min before facing the sun to protect my skin from all the harms..

So, thats it ... believe me it may took you 10-15 mins for reading but it took hardly 5 mins to follow these steps on daily basis...

Remember, you only get one set of skin to live with for your entire life! So, treating it well even if you’re young is extremely important. Learning how to properly care for your skin can help you reduce the signs of aging, repair signs of aging, steer clear of blemishes and always show up with a clear and fresh face. Your makeup will go on smoother and you’ll feel more confident when your skin looks radiant and beautiful!

To treat yourself in  a luxorious way ... you can add an extra glamour to this routine just by adding the USE of Sigma Cleansing and Polishinhg Tool ...for its details you can click here.

Hope you like it and find it helpful. Feel free to ask any questions or give feedback.

And do post about your daily routine.. i would love to read :)

Meanwhile , stay healthy and happy <333

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  1. Great routine. I need to learn from you. I start off with a good routine then loose persistence.

  2. Great post and great tips, thanks for sharing. x

  3. @Pandora`s Box Thanks dear .. believe me m too lazy myself .. but it just took 5 mins in total so quite easy to follow daily :)

  4. @Pyari Beauty Thankss alot dear .. you always show your great support ... <3 :)

  5. hey im actually using hollywood's spf 60 sunblock for the past 1 year and i break like crazy, but i love it soo much that i dont want to stop, do u gave any suggestion as to what can i use before it to stop my skin breaking out.
    love ur blog, i was sick of reading the foreign blogs we cant relate to.
    if u can plz do sme review of the shimmers or the illuminizers.

    1. Hi dear .. thanks for visiting ... as far as your problem is concerned .. i must say that my skin is super sensitive n this sun block never break me out .. so pls check and make sure that the other products you are using are not causing this problem e.G your face wash or anything... if you do get break outs try using Clinagel gel review here its an awesomeee product and works as magic ... i will def try my best to fulfill your request .. keep coming <3 :)


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