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Hello My Dear Makeupoholics :)

Today i am going to talk about a Life saving product ( thats what i thought about it ) and that is CLINAGEL® gel . Its an Acne treatment gel . Hope this review can help you all.

But before going any further i would like to thank (i wish i could hug ) my favorite blogger Sara Hassan for recomendng this great product on her blog. Great job Sara <3 :)


CLINAGEL® gel contains Clindamycin Phosphate USP , equivalent to Clindamycin 1%w/w(10mg/g).

Clindamycin is a semi-synthetic lincosamide antibiotic with mainly bacteriostatic action again aerobic Gram-positive organisms and a wide variety of anaerobic bacteria.

 ("Aerobic" means "with oxygen." "Anaerobic" means "without oxygen." Aerobic bacteria are bacteria that need oxygen in order to survive. Aerobic bacteria are  the ones that we find in everyday spots on the earth, like in the air, soil, and  water. Anaerobic bacteria are the ones in the odd places like the bottom of the ocean and inside sealed tin cans.)

CLINAGEL® gel is indicated for the treatment of acne vulgaris and other cutaneous infections which are sensitive to clindamycin .

My Thoughts About It :

My on an off breakouts turns to almost serious pimple or acne problem after my recent trip to abroad . I mean i was shinning like  a new penny when i was far from my friends and family  and my face turns out to be a mess after coming back to home { sriously i got 10 pimples in just one night :'( ... and they seem very promising ....more tears ... even after following my daily cleansing routine ... more more tears....} and then THANK GOD i came across this blog post by my most favorite blogger Sara Hassan ( you can check her blog here ) where she recommended this great product ... thanks again Sara...

 I applied the gel on my acne in the morning,  and at night. During the first application, the swelling, redness is dramatically reduced in just a few hours. This is no exaggeration.  Now on the second application, I noticed some of the pimples have dried up, meaning, they are no longer growing nor painful to touch.  And within a week my pimples almost got vanished :)

In short, with no exaggeration, because I only want to share facts here based on experience, the product is really great. In such a short period of time, most of my pimples have dried up completely. What's left are ugly scars ( i am now in search of a cream to remove scars ... any suggestions ??? )

While I may have my occasional breakouts because of things beyond our control, like work, stress, busy lifestyle, etc, what's important is already know how to combat pimples or hasten the healing process. If you are suffering from acne, there's a cure to it. It starts with a healthy lifestyle..:)


  • Lives up to its claims, controls acne.
  • Decently priced just Pak Rs. 100
  • Transparent Gel , not visible.

  • Half of my tube was filled with air :(

 Dosage and Administration : 

Clinagel gel should be applied in a thin layer on the effected area twice daily or in accordance with medical advice . 

Price and Availability :

For a 10gm product it costs Pak Rs.100 and it can lasts for almost two to three weeks (depends on the affected area ) which is extremely affordable :) 

It is easily available in all good drug stores / pharmacies across Pakistan. I got mine from Clinex ( Pharmacy Drug Store ). 

 Would I recommend it ? 

Definitely YES, but it is highly recommended to use medical advise first.

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