Review : Sassi ( Leather Clutch ) By Ash Lamour


Hello my dear Makeupoholics ,

Today i am going to give a review of a birthday present . I know its bad to criticize birthday presents but i can justify my review by saying that IT WAS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR MYSELF ... FROM ME ,  FOR ME ... yeah you heard me right .... i just wanted to be a first person to give myself a great birthday present .. after all i deserved it ;D fyi my birthday was on 21st July , feel free to wish :)

So , as a birthday gift for myself , my pick was a Leather Clutch Bag named as " Sassi " by Ash L' amour . First take a look of it    

Sassi By Ash L' amour... Isnt it BeaUtIfUl !!!
Sassi from album Heritage

Named after the folk-tale. Sassi is a beautiful embroidered leather clutch

Price: Rs 1250/=
Product no: AP-0029

I came across this site by chance and it caught my attention by the unique name of the clutches ... I just fell in love by seeing this clutch and the second thing that caught my attention is that i can made the payment on delivery ... isnt it amazing ??? no credit card tension .. no bank headaches ... no worries of risking your money  at all and just get what you want on your doorstep ....   Amazing ... Well done Ash L' amour :)

And they were kind enough to deliver my choice before my birthday with a little birthday note ... soo sweet of them ... So , here are my pics of Sassi ...

Saasi - back side

Sassi - an inside look !

So , i got Sassi for Pak Rs.1250 with no delivery charges and i made the payment on delivery. Great !!! 

But there are few things that i would like to share with you all . Although Sassi looks great in pics , but its a lil different from its original pic . If you take a closer look , its leather is slightly rough and it looks a little bit messy  . I would appreciate it more if they use some better quality as the base or at least put  a fine clothing material on the base for that fine look. Although , the price doesn't look that much with no delivery charges at all , but once you get your hands on it , it doesn't justify its price that much ( as the leather type material gave it a very in-expensive rough look ) . But , they may justify it by claiming its a handmade clutch ... I agree you can expect those lil flaws with a handmade tags ...

 So , overall , along with all the minor flaws  , i love my Sassi <3 and i just love the way it appears in pics . Ash Lamour just with slight changes you can hit the FAB mark :)

My ratings for the product 

You can find Ash Lamour on FACEBOOK and on TWITTER or you can check their Website here.

Stay tuned for my more honest reviews ... stay healthy and happy ... <3 u all !

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  1. this is soo cute, i havent seen clutches like these. I like the variety of colors in the embroidery.

  2. It's such a cute clutch. Will go with anything. I love the ethnic touch that it has to it.

  3. Great review. I love your clutch :)

  4. @Sara.H aww thanks alot dear , this means a lot to me :)<3


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