[ Haul ] : From The Heart Of Murree Pakistan ( all things under Rs.300 )


Hi my dear Makeupoholics , 

Hope all of you are doing great . As many of you may have known this already that i have been to meet my loving Parents in Murree- Pakistan . That is why i was out of the blogging word as internet is still not available there. But i am back with a bang :D .... today i am going to share few of my Murree snaps and my haul ... all from the heart of Murree ... here i go....

First few pics of my Haul then Murree known as Malika Kohesar Murree - Pakistan 

All things under Pak  Rs. 300

My cute Mobile Pouch Pak Rs. 150

My Embroided Bag Pak Rs. 300

Earings Pak Rs. 150

Earings Pak Rs. 150

Bangels Pak Rs. 150 From Anzay Jewelry Murree Mall Road

From Anzay Jewelry Murree Mall Road Pak Rs. 150

My First Feather Earrings Pak Rs. 190 From Anzay Jewelry Murree Mall Road

Jewelry Box Pak Rs. 120 

I was searching for this wooden tray and finally got it Pak Rs. 150
So , this was my Haul... hope you like it and now few pics of Malika Kohessar Murree

Murree Mall Road 

Murree Mall Road 

This Tree is naturally shaped in the Name of ALLAH ALMIGHTY

and last but not the least ..... ITS ME Sana :) ....

Hope you like my post ... sorry for my long absence ... but will try my best to keep posting coz i love you all .. xoxo :)

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