Review : Nail Art : Konad Stamping Plate BY Born Pretty Store


Nail art was never so Easy and Fun Before Konad Stamping By Born Pretty Store

Everybody was getting their nails stamped ... So it was my turn ... i am really thankful to Born Pretty Store for this opportunity ... I really didn't know that Konad Stamping was this much Fun ... !!!  

My cute little Package includes : 

  • Nail Art Design Plate 
  • Nail Art Stamp with a Scrapper 

Nail Art Stamping Plate with Stamp and Blade

Nail Art Stamp with Scrapper 

Nail Art Design Plate No : M71
Item ID: 932Size : 6.5 cm , having 9 Cute Designs
Good Quality Hard Metal Plate which is not easy to Blend
Metal Plate Protected By Cover Film ( Please don't forget to remove the cover first)

Wanna Know How to Use IT ??? Lets Watch this Video 

My Konad Stamping Experience :

To tell you the truth , i am not much into nail art before . It was even hard for me to apply the nail polish properly sometimes ( i am not joking Seriously ) so you can very well understand my creative skills when it comes to nail art.  But i took this Konad stamping experience as a dare to myself and IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN.

Although konad stamping is  a great fun but It wasn't so easy in the beginning . Timing is very important. You need to work quickly and transfer the design into stamp and then to your nails before letting the nail polish dry .. But you can learn it after few tries. Second is you need to find the nail polish suitable for konad stamping. There are special nail polishes for it but i don't have any so i use the old nail polishes which are quite thick in consistency. Another important point is to keep a nail polish remover with you . You need to clean the design plate and stamp after every use if you are trying different colors and in the end its better to wash the design plate with running water to remove the remaining s of nail polish remover.

Below are my few attempts with my Born Pretty Store Konad Stamp kit . Hope you like them :)

I love my Born Pretty Store Konad Stamping Kit and i am sooo thankful to them for giving me  a chance to try this great product .

You Can Purchase this Konad Stamping Kit from Born Pretty Store just for USD 2.99 Here. But wait , Born Pretty Store has given a special 5% discount on all their products to my lovely readers . You just need to enter the CODE : BPS05 before checkout. Isn't that amazing !

Born Pretty Store ships worldwide and you can check their amazing website Here . You can also find them on Facebook page Here or follow them on Twitter Here.  

Have you tried Konad Stamping ??? Or Purchased anything from Born Pretty Store ??? Don't forget to share your thoughts .. would love to know ...

Stay Healthy and Happy

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  1. You done a great job!

    Loving the designs x

  2. SO PRETTY! I really like the peachy pink one you did, my first time wasnt as good but practice helps

  3. @Sidrah!!!! yes Sidrah ... that shade is mine fav too ... n totally agree with you... thanks dear <333 :)

  4. I've awarded you the Liebster Blog Award!:)

  5. @Rakhshan awww thank you sooo much dear ... m really honored ... yayyy my first blog award .. <333 :)


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