Review : Capri Deep Cleansing Face Wash


Capri Deep Cleansing Facewash

Capri, Pakistan’s historic beauty and personal care brand is proud to announce the new Capri Deep Cleansing Facewash marking the brand’s entry into skin care.

Capri Deep Cleansing Facewash drives radiance and beauty, leaving the skin pure and fresh through the refreshing effect of cucumber along with the natural healing remedy inherent in Aloe Vera.

In The Words Of Capri : 

The Capri Deep Cleansing Facewash is gentle on the skin while offering thorough and deep cleansing, guarding against skin problems such as black heads stemming because of oil, dirt and pollution. 

Dermatologically tested, Capri Deep Cleansing Facewash is recommended for all skin types and offers the benefits of moisturising by maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. 

Available in two economical compact tubes of 50 ml and 100 ml.

My Thoughts About It : 

I live in Lahore , Pakistan . And Winter is already knocking at our doors here. I simply dont know how , but  my Extremely oily skin in summers magically starts turning to get little dry in winters. So , i need to start my hunt for a good moisturizing face wash. But not this time. I must congratulate Capri for launching such a great product at a perfect time of the year. 

The brand fully justifies its claim.The first thing you will definitely notice after opening the tube would be its nice fragrance. I mean i really like its fresh fragrance. And i totally agree that after washing my face with it , my skin felt very soft , fresh and cleansed.  I mean i couldn't stop myself to touch and feel the softness of my skin again and again. The watery texture was turned into foam on my wet face and was easily rinsed leaving my skin velvety soft and fresh. 

Capri Deep Cleansing Face Wash , in points  : 

  • Small amount of it can create quite an amount of foam.
  • I like the smell.
  • It does cleanse my skin without letting it dry. 
  • Nice packaging , you can easily carry it in your bags. 
  • Texture is smooth and transparent but somehow little bit watery. 
Would I recommend it ? 

Definitely Yes , because it truly fulfills its promise by giving you a soft , fresh and cleansed face.

You would be amazed to know the price of this great product just like me . Capri Deep Cleansing Face Wash  50 ml tube is for PKR 80/- and the 100 ml tube is for PKR 145/ Amazing isnt it . And believe me the quality of this face wash can easily be compared to any other high quality brand in the market.

Capri Deep Cleansing Facewash is already in stores from 11th October 2011 across Urban Metro Karachi Pakistan. The face wash is available in Karachi as of now and will be in other cities soon.

For more information and updates , you can join Capri Pakistan Facebook page Here.

You can also read my Review about Capri Moisturizing Hand Wash in White Here.

Hope you like this honest review . Have you tried it yet ??? Whats your opinion ??? Dont forget to share your opinion ... would love your comments ... stay tuned for more reviews ...

live healthy and happy

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  1. very nice review girl i will try this soon :)

  2. @SadeeStyle aww thanks for your appreciation dear <3 :)

  3. nice reveiw, am already using it, its really worth buying...:)

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    Check out my blog as well

  5. @Sahrish Adeel thanks dear have followed <333 :)


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