Review : Capri Moisturizing Hand Wash in White


A Face Wash for Face , A Shower Gel for Body Wash.... What for a Hand Wash ??? Another most important part of our body - Hands .... don't they deserve some pampering ???

Pamper your  Hands with Capri Moisturizing Hand Wash. 

The Claim : Capri Moisturizing Hand Wash in  " White "

Making your skin soft is easy when you have nature at work. Capri hand wash with soothing Aloe Vera , Honey and Milk Protein makes your skin velvety soft and smooth . 

My Thoughts About It : 

Washing my hands with an ordinary soap never satisfies me . The thought that the soap bar is in open environment fully prone to germs and sharing it with "anybody " really makes me uncomfortable every time i wash my hands. So , I was looking for a good in-expensive hand wash.Mainly, we cant afford an expensive hand wash  because of its usage frequency . 

I am glad i find Capri Moisturizing Hand Wash in  " White " . It smells almost like a Capri white soap bar so there wasn't a big difference as far as fragrance is concerned. .Though , if you give it a try , it does leave your hands smooth and soft .It wouldn't moisturize your hands like a good moisturizing cream but you wouldn't get that dry feeling which you normally get after washing your hands with an ordinary soap. It leathers well . The packaging is good and the dispenser is very user friendly. You just need to press it gently. A small amount of liquid can do the job very well.At least every time you press it , you get unhygienic, untouched liquid   ... straight from the bottle ( i know i sound weird )

You Might Like It :

  • If you think that its unhygienic to share soaps .
  • If you dont like the dryness you get after washing your hands with a soap.

You Might Not Like It If :

  • You want a creamy moisturizing effect from your hand wash.

Capri Moisturizing Hand Washes are very reasonably priced . It comes with a price tag of just Pak Rs. 175 having 250 ml . Fair enough isn't it ...

You can also find Capri Moisturizing Hand Wash in "Pink"  and both are available at all superstores across Pakistan . For more information and updates , you can join Capri Pakistan Facebook page Here.

Hope you like this honest review . Have you tried it yet ??? Whats your opinion ??? Dont forget to share your opinion ... would love your comments ... stay tuned for more reviews ...

live healthy and happy 

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  1. Good post sana, You HAVE to try the pink one, it smells so fruity!

    And about my blog post, you can share it on your fb page! :) thank you dear!

  2. Great review!


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