Review : L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Stimulift Day Cream


Wanna Age Gracefully? Thinking About some Anti-aging products? L’Oreal Paris have some answers …

L’Oreal Paris introduces their latest Skin Care innovation

L’Oreal Paris  New Revitalift Stimulift Day Cream: New Revitalift with Stimulift – stimulates skin’s 8 natural lifters:

L’Oreal Paris believes that youthful beauty is found by stimulating one’s mind, body and curiosity and is not confined to women of a specific age. The New Revitalift formula works to take action on three major functions — re-tightening, re-pulping and stabilizing — key to stimulating the skin’s “self-lifting” capacity. Firmer and less wrinkled, the skin itself naturally participates in the process!

Creamy and full, the new Revitalift Natural Lifters texture envelops the skin with firmness and generosity. Rich and suave, it leaves a sensation of freshness and comfort. Non-greasy and non-sticky, the texture melts onto the skin as soon as it is applied, and the gentle fragrance creates a feeling of well-being. In just 4 weeks, wrinkles are visibly reduced, skin becomes firmer and the face looks four to five years younger.

Isnt it a beauty ... <3 Packaging 

Double Protection Jar

Nice Texture

Light Application

My Thoughts about It:

I always believe that we cannot stop the aging process naturally… But we can slow the process and can get aged gracefully…  And I also believe in getting prepared... prevention is the key for me rather than treating…

At first, I was very much excited about this product and couldn’t wait to give it a try. So, without realizing that it’s for women who are 28 and above … I tried using this cream (Yeah I know I am a Genius ;0) …

My skin type is Oily … (from head to toe L ) so I can’t use any type of moisturizing creams… that’s what I believe so far… So, after using it … I was looking like an oil factory after few minutes and it does break me out. I tried it in the night and the results were no different. So, I gave it to my mother, who is in her mid fifties (mom don’t worry I am still not mentioning your exact age ;)). Her skin type is dry and she is living in the beautiful weather of Murree. And when I saw her after like three weeks I could see the results. In my Mother’s word: She was definitely in need of some moisturizer as the weather there was so cold and dry. And she was very pleased to get a moisturizer that can reduce the signs of aging – heavenly combination for her. It has a very nice fragrance and the texture is just like any other quality creams available in the market. After application, it applies evenly and she couldn’t feel anything but her smooth glowing skin. She can’t stop herself for touching her face again and again to feel the smoothness. There were already few wrinkles which make her more beautiful and they are still there but she has few blemishes and they were fairly fading away. I felt so happy after hearing my Father’s compliments that“Your mom is shining, isn’t she “and I love to see her blushing. My mom and I are thankful to L’Oreal Paris team.

You might like it:

  •  If you are in or above your twenties and you are looking for some anti-aging products.
  • Your skin type is not oily.
  • You need a good moisturizer.

You might not like it:

  • If you want fast results.
  • You have an oily skin.
The L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Stimulift Day Cream is appropriate and advisable for women aged 28 and above and is ideally used daily on a cleansed face. Priced at PKR 1,250

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And Last But Not The Least ....

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 Love to all 

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  1. It looks like a great product for older girls. :)

    Thanks for sharing. x


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