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What Is a Makeup Primer?( from

Makeup primer is a silicone- or water-based gel that is smoothed over the face before the application of foundation. Using a primer helps the foundation adhere to the skin, reducing the need for touch-ups throughout the day.


Gently massage one pump or dime-sized amount of makeup primer over a clean, moisturized face. Allow the skin to absorb the primer before applying your foundation.

Additional Benefits

In addition to extending the wear of your makeup, a primer can also minimize pore size, smooth fine lines and correct an uneven complexion.

Skincare Properties

Many makeup primers contain ingredients meant nourish the skin, such as antioxidants, vitamins and an SPF. However, according to Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Suzanne Patterson, including these ingredients in a primer does little to improve the condition of the skin and may hinder a primer's effectiveness.

Choosing a Makeup Primer

Several makeup primers on the market target specific needs, so choose a primer that is best suited for your skin type. Look for oil control for acne-prone skin, a hydrating primer for dry skin, or an irritant-free primer for sensitive skin. Special tints are also available that correct for ashy or sallow complexions.

Expert Insight

Makeup artist Laura Mercier, who originated the makeup primer, suggests storing primer in the refrigerator as it is "refreshing for the skin and reduces puffiness."

To sum up my internet research on makeup primers , I have come up with 6 most important reasons why makeup primer should be next on your beauty shopping list. I'm SURE at least one of these will catch your eye!:

  • Smooths the skin's surface and evens out the skin tone
  • Helps to better disguise blemishes and lets you blend your concealer/makeup in more evenly
  • Makes your foundation stick around for longer
  • Fills in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces shine
  • And finally, like I said before, it doesn't clog pores!

How to apply a Primer:

wet your skin and allow your every day moisturizer hook into your skin for a couple of minutes .Add a small sized amount of your foundation primer to clean fingertips .Softly massage into the skin as you’d your moisturizer, bearing extra concentration to the T-Zone areas as well as good lines along with wrinkles .Hang around 1 to 3 minutes ahead of using your foundation.

FX Cosmetics Natural Mineral and Halal Makeup

ABOUT FX Cosmetics  ( In their Words)

FX mineral cosmetics was set up by three sisters looking for a fresh and new  cosmetic range which would compliment individual skin tones as well establishing personality through the colours. The range encapsulates the essence of colour hence the name FusciaXtreme to celebrate the intensity of colour and to bring to the market mineral cosmetics free from animal cruelty and alcohol.

At FX cosmetics we pride ourselves in bringing to you a Halal and ethical brand which is affordable yet does not compromise on quality. As a brand our products are sourced from countries that match our high ethical standards. Our product range is not tested on animals and has undergone stringent testing to comply with Halal standards.

About our products

Our Exciting range of MINERAL Cosmetics will not only make you look good but is guaranteed to be good for your skin too!


Some of the Key Benefits of the range include makeup which is LONG LASTING, VITAMIN ENRICHED, Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES & above all LIGHT WEIGHT & VELVETY to touch.

FX Cosmetics Retexturising Face Primer

An ultra light-reflecting miracle worker. Instantly reveals smoother, more radiant skin. Foundation has a foothold all day long.

Reformulated to include an SPF 20 and help protect the skin from sun damage. For all skin types.

Halal & Vegetarian Approved

My Thoughts About It :

To tell you the truth , it is my first ever makeup primer. I was quite hesitent for trying one because my skin is super sensitive and oily . And I was really worried that it might break me out. But I WAS WRONG. I am so glad that I give it a try.

It gives me a very matte finish and you can feel  the difference in your skin just by applying a very small amount of it. My skin is extremely oily so my  foundation doesn’t lasts for long and my T-zone gets shiny and greasy within hours. I was just dying to get my hands on some miracle that can solve my problem and I heard that only a good makeup primer can help. So, I got this few weeks  back and I am really impressed.  I used to apply a very small amount of it before applying my foundation or a compact powder and I have to admit, it does the mattifying job pretty well  and it helps me a lot to overcome that oil factory image. It also has SPF20 which is great. It does make my foundation lasts longer. It gives me a matte finish and also makes me look shine free for a considerable amount of time. Another important thing I have noticed is that it makes my foundation application very easy and it didn't break me out at all. 

Would I recommend It :

Definitely Yes , if you want your foundation to lasts longer without making you shiny or greasy.

You can buy 28g of  Fx Cosmetics Retexturising Face Primer for £14.00 from their website here .

FX Cosmetics ships worldwide . You can also join them on Facebook and Twitter.

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