SIGMA PERFORMANCE EYES KIT : A Complete Guidance towards Pro Eye Makeup ♥


Did you ever get confused with eye makeup brushes ? Which brush to use where ? and As a beginner which eye makeup brushes you shoud have ? Well you don’t need to worry any more as Sigma has answered all your worries with their new PERFORMANCE EYES KIT . WELL DONE SIGMA !

Eye makeup was never this easy before the launch of this super awesome PERFORMANCE EYES KIT by Sigma .  A kit that has all the essential brushes for all kinds of eye makeup with  a complete guidence – is a dream of   a makeup lover and Sigma has done a great job by fulfilling that dream .

Sigma has achieved another milestone by launching this eye makeup kit and made all of us  avery PROUD SIGMA AFFILIATES !

SO here is the first look of the BEAUTY am talking about J

SIGMA PERFORMANCE EYES KIT - A dream of every makeup lover like me :)

The Performance Eyes Kit was designed to allow the precise application of liquid, cream and powder products onto defined areas of the eyes. Essential to creating elaborate looks, the Performance Eyes Kit is a must for advanced makeup artistry.

Its not  only a brush kit , its  a complete guidence towards a perfect eye makeup . As Sigma has given a brief description of each brush to use where . Isnt is amazing ?  Have a look : 

Brushes included:

 A closer look with brief description of these Sigma beauties : 

Eye Liner - E11 For precise lining of upper and lower lash lines. Creates detailed and elaborate looks.

Tightline Liner - E16 Ideal for application of cream, gel and powder formulas on the upper lash line.

Waterline Liner - E17 Perfectly applies cream, gel and powder formulas on the lower lid waterline.

Smudge - E21 Soften harsh lines on the upper and lower lash lines.

Blending - E36 Precise blending of powder products on small areas, such as the inner corner of the eyes.

Shader - Inner Corner - E46 Perfect for application of highlight shades in the inner corner of the eyes.

Shader - Crease - E47 For applying and blending darker shades onto the crease.

Shader - Lid - E56 Precise application of pressed and loose eye shadow onto the lid.

Arent these beauties ???

About The Brand : SIGMA 

The Sigma Makeup brand is synonymous with quality and functionality. Their products are handmade and were developed to satisfy the highest quality standards.

Sigma offers a complete line of professional brushes specifically designed to highlight eyes and face. Each brush is individually tested for performance, resistance, and durability.

The Sigma Makeup brushes are available in different kits to attend your specific needs. You can also acquire individual brushes and customize your own kit. A brush roll specifically designed to hold and maintain your Sigma Makeup brush collection is also available.

Ready to get started? The Sigma Makeup products are guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

My Thoughts on Sigma Performance Kit : 

I am a new makeup junkie . And as a begginer eye makeup brushes were really confusing for me .

I initially started my journey with Sigma E24 blending brush , and I must say that it has done wonders for me . I was not only impressed by the quality of this Sigma brush but also how it gives that professional look to my eye makeup by blending all those colors perfectly without leaving any harsh lines.

But my thirst for makeup brushes didn’t stop here . My second pick was Sigma F 80 and this brush was my love at first sight. Just by using this brush , it gave my foundation that air brush finish that one can desire for . Whether you are using mineral or liquid foundation Sigma F80 will handle all your worries about how to apply your foundation like a professional.

I was long waiting for a complete Eye makeup brushes to get that extra edge for my eye makeup. And along with that i was confused about eye makeup brushes as to use which brush where .Sigma has also launched some new eye makeup brushes in this kit like their tight liner brushes. Well Sigma has proved its professional excellence by introducing this GREAT product Sigma Performance Kit – a complete guidence towards pro eye makeup. 

I mean just imagine that finally you get hold of all the essential brushes for eye makeup and you know how and where to use them . I am so looking forward to try this awesome product. 

You Might Like Sigma Performance Kit : 

  • If you want to give that professional edge to your eye makeup. 

  • If you want an essential eye makeup brushes kit with a complete guidance. 

  • If you love Sigma like ME :) 

You Might NOT Like Sigma Performance Kit : 

  • ONLY If you are not interested in makeup. 

Would I Recommend Sigma Performance Kit : 

DEFINITELY YES in million years . 

I mean you can get this whole kit consists of all the essential eye makeup brushes just for 55 USD along with a complementary gift :)

And if you think its expensive , imagine single Mac eye brush for not less then 24.50 USD  and if you get any eight eye makeup brushes of any high end brand you would have to pay more then 190 USD . Convinced now that Sigma is offering great products at very affordable prices :)

SO don't wait any longer and achieve that BEAUTIFUL YOU look everyday with SIGMA PERFORMANCE KIT with such an affordable price . Place your orders PROUDLY HERE and get  a complementary Gift  FREE :)

Have you tried Sigma Performance kit ??? Whats your thought on this great kit ??? Don;t forget to share your thoughts .. Would love to listen to you :)

Have a Happy and Healthy Life 

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