NANO: The Unique Gift Of Jewelry die for !


Oh my my …I couldn’t wait to get my hands on such an exceptional jewelry by 
NanoStyle's cubic zirconia and onyx jewelry... a jewelry thats a complete divine .

 The First And Only To Engrave 24 Karat Gold On Semi Precious Stones 

NanoStyle's cubic zirconia and onyx jewelry: The Unique Gift Of Jewelry
( In their words )

We are the first and only jewelry company to engrave 24kt gold words, symbols & verses onto semi-precious stones, using unique technology.

NanoStyle specializes in bringing unique designs to somewhat generic categories. Forget gold crosses and metal zodiac signs, NanoStyle's unique imprint technology brings you incredibly refined 24kt gold designs on glittering cubic zirconia or glimmering onyx stones, set in your choice of silver, gold or top gold.

Company History:

After 15 years of experience in the field of fine jewelry, NanoStyle was launched.

Three years later and the founders of NanoStyle have managed to draw from their experience in the European and American markets to provide the international market with cutting edge jewelry design, unmatched by other jewelry companies.

On our site you will find Christian, Jewish, Zodiac, NewAge, Universal and Tokens of Love jewelry categories, topped off with free international shipping.

Each NanoStyle pendant, inspired by the world’s diverse cultures, faiths and beliefs, caters for people's ever growing individuality.

Products :

PENDANTS in the following collections: Christianity, Judaism, New Age, Zodiac, Universal and Tokens of Love

RINGS (coming soon)

For their complete Unique jewelry range , check their awesome website HERE. 

I was lucky enough to pick one piece of there heavenly creations . So my pick was from : 

For a complete range of LOVE PENDANTS , click HERE
Or watch there amazing Video 

These radiant Love pendants are sweet expressions from the heart between loved ones. Dazzle your sweetheart or surprise your mother by saying I love you in 120 languages! Or keep it simple with a beautiful motif symbolizing your love. Any of the love pendants are available in a gorgeous range of cubic zirconia and black onyx to delight and impress your loved one.

All love pendants may be purchased in 925 Sterling Silver, 14 Karat Gold or TopGold. A silver chain is included with each silver pendant. A gold chain is available separately for purchase with any gold or silver pendants.

These radiant love pendants are sweet expressions from the heart between loved ones. In our love jewelry range we offer an amorous collection of gifts for that special occasion.

Our bestselling I Love You pendant tells your loved one all there is to say, I Love You in 120 languages. This token of your deepest love and affection is available in two classic styles. The time honored heart motif back dropped by these affectionate words is available in the classic black onyx stone and an exquisite range of cubic zirconia to dazzle your love by. The second style is a matching male and female symbol onyx set which makes an ideal gift to symbolize your bond of love.

Other classic love necklaces are also available in our love jewelry range such as the Cupid pendant, the God of Love and Beauty, which will capture your sweetheart and set her/his heart a flight with love. And the ever romantic and sentimental Rose pendant for a more tender touch. Express your heart’s desire with a gift from our love pendant collection.

Among such beautiful LOVE PENDANTS , my pick was : 

Je t’aime…… Te Quiero……Ich lieb dich …… sun ho ez…. I Love You!

If you can’t say it enough then say it in 120 languages! This elegant love pendant is a gift straight from the heart that will surely dazzle your loved ones, available in a stylish black oval onyx (15x21) engraved in 24 karat gold set in a choice of shimmering sterling silver or gorgeous 14 karat gold.

Even Pamela Anderson could not resist to this lovely necklace. Read details HERE

The I Love You 120 Languages, Onyx is just stunning!!!!  The striking onyx stone is engraved with 24k gold, and is set is sterling silver.  The necklace comes with a tiny magnifying glass to read the inscriptions.  NanoStyle also included a very nice key chain with a mini magnifying glass on it as well.

The pendant and chain were excellent quality!  The price of this piece ranges from $99.00 for the sterling silver version that I received, and goes up to $235.00 for the 14k gold version.

Stone type    :  Onyx
Size              :  15x21
Shape           :  Oval 

FREE SHIPPING AND 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. For more details , click HERE

My Thoughts About It : 

When I first had a look of this beauty my words were WOWWW…

It really is an amazing and unique piece of jewelry. I am totally in love with it  .

It was hard to get my hands on it . As there were few trade restriction from my home country Pakistan. But I am super amazed with the customer services of Nano. I mean you just place an order and need not to worry . As they will go by any mean to make it possible that you get your desired item and will keep you updated throughout the procedure. Hats off to your amzaing customer services Nano.

The packaging is amazing. I LOVE YOU 120 LANGUAGES PENDANT ONYX comes in a very beautiful and secure jewelry box along with a beautiful silver chain and a cute little magnifying glass in a stylish key chain . Having complete guideline on how to read the 120 love words with the perfect matching magnifying glass.

I love the idea of imprinting the words that every women desire to hear from her loved ones again and again ,  such beautifully with 24k gold on such a fine-looking stone. Its definitely unique and worth the price.

Would I Recommend it :

Definitely YES , in million years J

Put it on top of your wishlist and share it with your loved ones so you can get yours as soon as possible. Or show your love by giving to your loved ones or just treat yourself  by having one for yourself. Coz you are worh it ! ;)

Nano is also going to introduce their RINGS collection ...  and i am so ready to grab one for me ... hubby get ready ;) 

Fore more details about NanoStyle's cubic zirconia and onyx jewelry , check their website HERE . You can also join them on face book HERE. 

I felt myself like a QUEEN after wearing NANO I LOVE YOU 120 LANGUAGES PENDANT ONYX  , so here i am wearing this gorgeous jewelry :)

For makeup details Click HERE. 

 Hope you like my efforts beauties :) 

Stay healthy and happy 

Have you tried  NANO jewelry before  ? Whats your experience ? Would love to know :)

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  1. wowza, thats amazing!
    my 7year anniversary is coming up in july, this could be the perfect time to drop hints on this hehe

    they really are beautiful!


    1. definitely ... a perfect idea ... you go girl and my best wishes ... ;)

  2. lovely review, it looks beautiful na :)

  3. Love the review and beautiful look :) xx

  4. Beautiful accessories! Thanks for the selection! :)


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