Review and Swatches : The POREfessional By BENEFIT COSMETICS San Francisco : PRO Balm to Minimize the Appearance of Pores


The POREfessional  By  BENEFIT COSMETICS  San Francisco: One Solution for all Skin Problems

PRO Balm to Minimize the Appearance of Pores : Its Trully a Dream of a Makeup Lover !

Why we LOVE it !

Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.

BENEFIT COSMETICS are San Francisco cosmetics company .

The POREfessional – Tips and Tricks :

One Solution for all Skin Problems

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Give your POREfect complexion an instant perk-me-up! Layer the POREfessional smoothing balm over "that gal" brightening face primer.


To help foundation stay put, always start with the POREfessional. Then blend hello flawless oxygen wow from the center of the face, out. Skin will look smooth and flawless all day long!

Rock The Photo :

Prime face with the POREfessional to minimize the look of pores and mattify skin. Apply your favorite Benefit makeup products...then reapply the POREfessional. The lens will love you!


Before applying the POREfessional, prep skin with triple performing facial emulsion SPF 15 PA++. It softens, hydrates and perfectly prepares skin for priming.


Apply the POREfessional over blemishes, then blend boi-ing on top. It'll keep skin looking smooth and lock the industrial-strength concealer in place.

A Great Guy Buy :

Perfect for men aswell. The POREfessional will quickly minimize the appearance of their pores...and is so lightweight & translucent, no one will know they are wearing anything.

Caught in Humid Weather ?

Keep the POREfessional handy. You can pat it on throughout the day to mattify shine and touch up problem areas...without messing up your makeup!


Short on time? Pair the POREfessional with you rebel tinted moisturizer. You'll get the benefits of primer, moisturizer, coverage and SPF!

 How To Apply The POREfessional:

Packaging and Swatches : The POREfessional


The POREfessional -My very first experience with BENEFIT COSMETICS  San Francisco and I must say I can TRULY FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!!!

After reading so many great reviews , I was desperately waiting to try The Porefessional  and I must say I am totally satisfied by this amazing product .

Its my third makeup primer.Before it , I was using Adorn mineral Cosmetics  FOUNDATION BASE SKIN PRIMER ( read my review HERE ) . After reading some very good reviews about The POREfessional by BENEFIT COSMETICS  , I was thrilled to give it a try.

The POREfessional comes in a sealed tube. I like the packaging as it got the complete guideline of how to use this amazing product. And the size so  perfect that you can easily carry it with you anywhere everywhere.

The texture is so smooth and gives you a very smooth nice satin finish.It has a little bit of color and mild fragrance which i don't mind. It gives you that satin finish that your foundation just glides on so easily. you could even wear this primer alone if you didn't want to wear foundation, it makes your skin flawless. its oil free and wont clog your pores or break you out. 

My skin is oily , and have few visible pores recently ( thanks to my pregnancy hormones which are changing my skin on regular basis ) It works for me superly. It  gives me a satin finish ( which was almost perfect for summer season ) It hide my pores successfully. I am using it for quite some time now and I am really impressed with its quality.

I use to apply a very small amount of it before applying my foundation or a compact powder and I have to admit, it does the job pretty well  and it does make my foundation lasts longer. Another important thing I have noticed is that it makes my foundation application very easy and it didn't break me out at all.

To tell you the truth , after using it I can truly say that now I prefer using The POREfessional By BENEFIT over any Face Primer , specially during summer season.

Its suitable for almost all skin types because it dries to a more satin finish then a matte one.

You might like it :

  • If you are looking for some high quality makeup primer.
  • If you have large pores
  • If you want your foundation to lasts longer
  • If you want a smooth satin finish to your skin 
  • If cost is not a problem for you.

You might not like it :

  • Only If you think its expensive.

Would I recommend It :

Definitely Yes , because its totally worth the price .

You can buy 22.0 mL / 0.75 US fl. oz. of  The POREfessional  By  BENEFIT COSMETICS  for  $ 29.00 from their website HERE.

My Perfect smooth skin after using The POREfessional  By  BENEFIT COSMETICS . You wouldn't be able to trace any open pores ,  i bet ;) 

Hope you like my efforts.

Stay Healthy and Happy

Love to All



Have you tried The POREfessional By Benefit cosmetics?  Whats your experience ? Would love to know :)

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  1. Will sure give it a try now. Great review :) x

  2. Great review.I'm addicted to my porefessional Sana. Hard to imagine how we survived before this lol. Love your cute FOTD.

    1. lozz absolutely .. its going to be my all time fav .. and thanks for liking dear :) <3

  3. I so want to try this it's the price that is putting me off.

    I will see if I can pick up a sample of it.

    thanks for the review :) x

  4. great review you have a flawless skin in picture... it works...

  5. I really wanna try this. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Porefessional <3 you are so lucky to have itt. Drooling*

    1. i believe that too .. coz it was on top of my wishlist :)

  7. Hello dear You have been nominated for versatile Beauty blogger award Congratz visit the link to know the details:)
    is it only to hide open pores? or does it work as a primer too..or can be used as a primer ONLY:)

    1. aww its such an honor for me ... thanx a billion dear <3

      its a primer and works best for people with open pores ...

  8. I received a sample of this in a magazine I the only one who didn't like it at all?!! I really tried to like it but did not work for me at all!

    Do check out my review on it and other posts on my new beauty blog :)

    1. really ? may be because of your skin texture ... it works great for me..
      would love to read your review :)

  9. I am tempted to buy it for sure after reading so many positive reviews. I am ur newest follower.

    I invite u to visit my blog. Do follow if u like it. I'd be real glad.

    1. thanks for following dear .. would love to follow your blog <3 :)

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. at first i did the mistake of blending.the second time i out a thin layer on n actually shrinks the pores and works i tried it in winters n will only b convinced if it as good in i m waitng waiting

    1. it worked for me during summer season as well ...

  12. great review!! I love benefits Porefessional!

  13. Great review! It did a great job minimizing your pores!
    ~Pauline @ Benefit makeup Philippines


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