Review and Swatches : OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer NL E56


OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer NL E56 

Hello makeupoholics , 

Today i am going to give review on OPIs another great product and that is  OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer NL E56

OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer is a primary blue crackle polish. This line of shatter polishes is available in seven shades.

OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer NL E56

OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer NL E56

OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer NL E56
The brush and the Bottle

OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer NL E56

 without a Top Coat

OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer NL E56
with a Top Coat

OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer NL E56
with a Top Coat

My Thoughts About It :

OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer is a perfect bright blue crackle lacquer you can ever have. It cracks pretty well, dries quite fast, and wears just awesome. I mean I simply love it!

The formula seems pretty normal. As far as the consistency is concerned, its quite average to thick which makes it a little tricky during application. 

OPI's brush is quite large stiff, long, flat with a rounded tip .I believe that you can get more crackles with a smaller brush.

How much this polish gives you that crackle effect that totally depends on the polish it's applied over. Thinner the coat of the polish, the more shatters you will have. You must apply a base coat of any color of your choice and let it dry completely before applying the shatter polish to get the crackle effect. I have applied different colors to get different looks and in different directions to get the abstract look. Its highly recommended to apply a top coat ( i have used OPI Rapid dry Top Coat review soon )once the shatter polish gets dried completely to get a smooth shiny look on your nails.

If you apply the polish in different directions, the shatter polish will follow the pattern and you can have a little more abstract on your nails then it normally gives. I have applied it horizontally as well as vertically (you can see it on my nail having black polish base) and it simply looks amazing. It also dries quite fast, that’s why you need to be quick while applying it on your nails.  

Would I recommend it : 

Definitely Yes , i love this shatter polish :)

OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer NL E56 comes with a price tag of around PKR 850 .

OPI is easily available at all the good departmental stores in most of the cities in Pakistan . 

Cosmo Group is the official distributor of OPI in Pakistan.

For more information you can check OPI Pakistan Face book page or Twitter.

You can also check OPI website HERE . 

Hope you like my efforts:)

Stay Helathy and Happy 

Isn't this OPI's Blue Shatter Nail Lacquer is just amazing ? Have you tried OPI products ? What's your experience ? Would love to know :)

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  1. Blue is ma all time fav na :)

  2. I always love the colors of OPI so I will definitely grab one of this. I can't wait to try this out. Another addition to my collection.

    1. thanks Emmy for visiting and liking :)


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