Review and Swatches : NEW RIMMEL 60 SECONDS NAIL POLISH in 610 Pompous



Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish. 0 to sexy in 60 seconds. Get the London look whatever your mood. No wonder no true London girl goes out without it.

Accordind to Rimmel :

London calling! Forget gloom and doom, doom and gloom the world's hippest, hottest capital is still rocking around the clock. Colourful and cutting-edge, it's here that trends take shape, fashions are formed, and ideas become icons – witness Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish, the one and only nail colour that lets you brush on London style in seconds. What more is there to say?

Quite a lot more, actually, because Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish just got even better. More fantastic than ever before. Its Xpress Flat Brush is super-wide and super-flat, so it can cover each and every nail in just one stroke. Flawless, even, wow-worthy colour – and it only takes a second to apply. Talk about instant gratification…

Want more? Its legendary fast-drying formula now gives stronger nails, leaving them feeling pampered and protected beneath its smooth, chip- and scratch-resistant film of colour. How often can you say that something this much fun is actually good for you?

And then, of course, there are the colours. 10 supercharged shades that let you get the no-limits London look in no time. There are Funtime Fuschia for when you want to stop traffic, green, yellow or Blue Marine and other to make everyone Stand to Attention.



The iconic fast-drying nail polish from Rimmel London, now more fantastic than ever before.

Now in 10 trend-setting shades 60 Seconds Nail Polish is the one and only nail colour that lets you keep pace with cutting-edge London style. Application is fast thanks to the Xpress Flat Brush – super-wide and super-flat, so it can cover each and every nail in a single stroke – while the legendary fast-drying formula gives stronger nails. New 60 Seconds Nail Polish: your one stop to nails that rock around the clock!

My Thoughts About It :

Rimmel 60 secs shade 610 pompous is a vibrant rich purple creamy color that is packed with blue, red and champagne micro glitters. I absolutely love this colour! Its a dark vibrant purple color which is just amazing and I got many compliments for the shade that how gorgeous it looks :)

The brand claims that Rimmel 60 secs  Nail Polish dries in less than 60 secs and is a one-coat nail polish .

I must say that they hold the claim rightly by saying that it’s a one-coat formula. When I first applied its single coat , the color didn’t show off well . But once it gets dried completely , you can get the exact polish color in one coat .To prove the fact ,  I have applied only one-coat on my ring finger as compared to other fingers , on which I have applied two coats of polish plus a top coat. You cannot see any difference at all. Well done Rimmel.

But I must say that I takes 90 secs min to get dry completely (in Nov , when there is winter season in Pakistan ). I guess it may gets dry within 60 secs in a hot weather. Apart from this fact, I love this nail polish very much because of its vibrant colour , glossy finish and its rich consistency .

Would i recommend it ? 

Definitely YES , love its vibrant colour , glossy finish and rich creamy consistency. 

Rimmel 60 secs Nail Polish can be purchased for the price of Pak Rs. 500-600 ( not sure about the exact price)  and is easily available in Pakistan.

For more information , you can check Rimmel website here.

You can also buy it online from target and boots

For more information , you can check Rimmel London Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Now you can join Rimmel London - Pakistan fanpage on Facebook 

Hope you like my efforts:)

Stay Healthy and Happy

Have you tried Rimmel 60 secs Nail Polishes? What's your experience ? Would love to know :)

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  1. Great swatch, the shade is great for winters <3

  2. so true it is really a winter color... looking so ravishing on your lips

    1. you mean to say on my hands dear :)
      thanx <3

  3. Replies
    1. no doubt about it , thanks for visiting dear :)


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