Lahore First Ever Beauty Bloggers Meet Up Jan 2013 Sponsored By Luscious Cosmetics


Not so long ago , Karachi Beauty Bloggers had a meet up and I was so excited by reading the posts and seeing all the lovely pictures. I desperately wanted to attend or arrange a meet up of atleast Lahore Beauty Bloggers till now but hardly get the time as I was busy with my new born.

But the news that our dear blogger Sahrish was coming to Pakistan just provoked the idea of a meet up .So  I asked Sahrish if she is coming to Lahore and if yes why not arrange a meetup. To a great pleasant surprise , she not only liked the idea but contacted every blogger possible for a meet up. And by the efforts of  Marib ( which I didn’t know till now was from Lahore also) , Lahore first ever Beauty Blogger meet up was held on 12 Jan , 2013 Sponsored by none other  then a very proud Pakistani Brand ” Luscious Cosmetics”.

Thank you so much to  our kind sponsors ” Luscious Cosmetics” for making this dream come true and thankyou so much Marib for getting the Sponsors and making this meetup one of the most memorable evening of my life. A special thanks to Sahrish as well for her efforts and to Ayesha and Fakhra for their kind presence. Love you all and it was really pleasant meeting you all lovelies. Now I so wanted to meet every single Pakistani Beauty Blogger and to know my fellows a little more .. greedy me han …

The lovely ladies in attendance at the Lahore First Ever Beauty Bloggers Meet Up Jan 2013 Sponsored By Luscious Cosmetics are : 

Below are the pictures from the event

One of my main concern throughout the event was not to show my still visible post preg tummy and fats :/

So , here i go ....

 (L-R) : Me( Sana@makeupoholics ) , Sahrish , Fakhra and Ayesha 

(L-R) : Ayesha, Marib,Sahrish and Fakhra 

(L-R) : Me( Sana@makeupoholics ) , Marib , Ayesha and Fakhra

(L-R) : Ayesha,Marib and Fakhra 

(L-R) :  Ayesha and Marib

(L-R) : Me( Sana@makeupoholics ) , Fakhra ,Ayesha and Sahrish




 Me( Sana@makeupoholics )

Our Luscious Goodie Bags =D

Wondering whats inside ? Wait for my detailed post ;)

Happy Beauty Bloggers holding their Goodie Bags with Anam @Luscious Cosmetics 

(L-R) : Ayesha , Me( Sana@makeupoholics ) ,Anam@Luscious Cosmetics, Marib and Fakhra 

(L-R) : Me( Sana@makeupoholics )with Anam@Luscious Cosmetics

Gorgeous Anam@Luscious Cosmetics giving us a sneap peak of some upcoming products

Luscious Goodie bags and our food - any guesses which was more tempting ;) 

My goodie bag with some yummy pasta - heavenly combination :)

Ayesha - the one promising beauty blogger ;)

Marib - ignoring the food and busy with camera , devoted beauty blogger :)

(L-R) : Sahrish , Marib , Ayesha , Me( Sana@makeupoholics ) and Fakhra

(L-R) : Sahrish, Fakhra , Me( Sana@makeupoholics ) and Marib

Happy Me( Sana@makeupoholics ) with my Luscious Goodie Bag
Thank You Luscious Cosmetics <3

Want to know what was inside my Luscious Cosmetics yummy goodie bag from our meet up  ? Click HERE for details ;)

As you can well imagine from the pictures that this meet up was a total blast . Meeting Marib , Ayesha , Sahrish and Fakhra was a great experience. We talked about everything related to beauty blogging and makeup { even shared some personal stuff ;) }. Sahrish is a sweet , chatty person and very easy to talk to. I so much enjoyed meeting her as we both were moms and made through that event by leaving our babies at home . Marib is really a sweet girl and she is a great listener as well. Ayesha on the other hand is a silent observer and one promising blogger ( she hardly leaves her camera ) . Fakhra , whom I met before during LPBW is as usual so friendly and a fun person to talk to.

During our chit chat , Anam from Luscios cosmetics joined us and gave us a sneak peak of upcoming Luscious products and promotions. We were lucky enough to share our views with her about some products which were in the development process ( some upcoming products are just mouth watering ). Anam was looking very pretty in her black outfit and she is so kind and friendly in nature. She even gave each one of us a goodie bag which was generously filled with Luscious goodies( LUCKY US han ).  

We were so lost in a makeup heaven with Anam that we totally forgot to eat our meals and believe me my not so hot pasta didn’t bother me much as my tummy was already fulfilled by the makeup delights.

And we took lots and lots of pictures ( totally ignoring that Freddy’s staff was so bothered ,don’t know why )  . And the evening ended by leaving such golden memories for a lifetime.

Our  first ever bloggers meet up was a total success and was full of joy ,happiness  and excitement. I am really looking forward for the future meet ups and would love to meet my fellow Pakistani Beauty Bloggers  from all over the world INSHA ALLAH .

Once again , I am so much thankful to Luscious Cosmetics for being the first and taking the initiative of recognizing and honoring Pakistani Beauty Bloggers. This proves their international standards and their professionalism . Love to Luscious and to my fellow bloggers.

Special thanks to Hubby for being there and forcing me to not to miss the event as my baby was not well. Love you for being so caring and loving <3

Want to know what was inside my Luscious Cosmetics yummy goodie bag from our meet up  ? Click HERE for details ;)

For Luscious Cosmetics and their five year celebration complete information , check my post HERE

Follow Luscious Cosmetics and their five year celebration starting online at their WEBSITE and at their FACEBOOK page  or join them on Twitter

So , have  a happy LUSCIOUS shopping girls !

Hope you like my efforts:)

Stay Healthy and Happy

Dont forget to share your views . Would love to read your comments :)

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  1. Lovely pitchaaaazzz... u all r looking beautifulllll, looks like u guys had bohut maza & yummy food our vo b without me :|..... theek hai beta :| lolzzzz

    1. thanks and would love to meet u dear ... get in touch before next meet up <3

  2. Loved reading about the meetup and all of you ladies look so stunningly gorgeous!!! Loved all the pics Sana. Meeting fellow beauty bloggers always brings an instant connection about our love for makeup. :)

    1. thanks dear and yes you are absolutely right :)

  3. Wow, I was so waiting for your post! =D while watching these pictures again, I remembered the moments of 'height adjustment' =p
    Love you all! <3

    1. hehhehe yeah .... seriously we had such a great time it was a day to remember ...
      love meeting u all beauty junkies <3 :)

  4. Fab, Fab, Fab!!!!! I've no words Sana how you fantastic you all were looking at the meetup <3 <3 Much awaited post from your side........ Karachi Bloggers Meetup is NECESSARY now :D

    1. aww thank you soooo much dear , def yes :) bt i would also like to meet you all <3

  5. Aww you put so many pictures, it makes the post so enjoyable! Love youu, thank you for mentioning me. Aww, and I just noticed your bag in the picture; it looks super adorable!! xx <3

    1. Thank you so much dear , it was really pleasent meeting you all <3

  6. wowww just zabrdast <3 this post

  7. Lovely pictures. You all look gorgeous. <3

    I'm glad you all had an awesome time :) x

    1. aww thank you so much dear , n yes it was a great meet up loved everything about it :)

  8. such beautiful day with beautiful ladies <3

  9. love that u guys had so much fun if I would have known this during my stay in Lahore I would have stopped but the cold was killing ... Missed u but hope to meet u all soon:) loved the part where u shared about every blogger in person:)

    1. yeah would love to meet you dear INSHA ALLAH soon , thank for liking <3 :)

  10. wow... what a lovely post..... so much happy to see your pictures... you had so much fun.. sana you are really tall and beautiful... nice pics...

    1. aww thank you so much dear and yes my height was an issue while taking group pics had to make few adjustments ... thanks for the lovely words <3 :)

  11. This was such a lovely post. I could actually feeeel your joy. You all look fantastic!! xx

    1. awww thank you so much Sara , would love to meet u n other Khi bloggers :)

  12. Love it! You all look stunning and it seemed like a lovely event x x

  13. You look good! Great post !
    Please check out my blog!

    1. thanks for liking dear would love to :)

  14. you all are looking cute
    nice post

    1. aww thank you so much dear for your kind words <3


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