Review : Shadow Shields By Michelle Villanueva - For a Perfect Eye Makeup Every Time !


Shadow Shields :be fearless. be flawless. be smudge free.

About Shadow Shields :

be fearless. be flawless. be smudge free.

Ever try to achieve that Red Carpet Smoky Eye, only to end up looking more like a raccoon than a fox? Well, look no further! Shadow Shields are the answer to flawless eye makeup application every time!

Eliminate eye shadow fallout with this hands-free, disposable, time-saving secret weapon! Apply these half moon shaped gems under the eye before applying eye makeup to catch any and all excess product that falls! When done, gently remove shield and say Hello… To Flawless Eye Makeup!

As seen on E! News, The TODAY Show and in ‘O, The OPRAH Magazine,’ Shadow Shields are being used by top celebrity makeup artists and giving everyday women the confidence they need to apply eye makeup like a pro!
“If you love a quick, smudge-free smoky eye… then Shadow Shields are for you!” – Tia Dantzler, Makeup Artist to Jennifer Hudson & Pres. Barack Obama.


  • Protects under eye area from eye shadow fallout
  • Self Adhesive
  • Saves Time
  • Eliminates Mess
  • Hands Free
For more information , you can check Shadow Shields official website HERE


Creative and bright, Michelle Villanueva is a makeup artist, mother and creator of makeup’s newest must-have tool, Shadow Shields! She oversees the operations, strategic direction, execution of sales, distribution, marketing and advertising initiatives for the company. This busy ingenue developed Shadow Shields to help save time and mess!

“Whether it was trying to get myself ready with twin boys running around, or making sure that my client was on time, I knew that I had to create something that would help every woman, every makeup artist save that extra 10-15 minutes it was taking to touch up the mess of eyeshadow fallout!,” says Villanueva.

Michelle has worked as a freelance makeup artist in Southern California since 2003, specializing in fashion and corporate photo shoots, as well as bridal and special event makeup. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University, Long Beach.

How To Use Shadow Shields : 

Shadow Shields after usage : A Job Well Done !

My Thoughts About IT :

I consider myself just a beginner when it comes to make up. So every time I try to apply a perfect winged eye liner or a Smokey eye or even using mineral/ powder based eye shadows or even glitters on my eyes , its always very difficult to avoid any mess. But not anymore, Thanks to Shadow shields!

I know it’s just a small product but believe me it can make a big difference in your eye makeup. 

I used to apply a clear tape under my eyes to achieve perfection for my eye makeup without making any mess on my face but it was really irritating and uncomfortable. When I remove the tape I can clearly see it removes my foundation/ powder from my face as well. So I need to apply the foundation again and it was time consuming. I tried to do my eye makeup first before applying foundation but I wasn't comfortable with the idea cause mostly foundations need some time to set and you can save that extra time by applying your eye makeup after applying your foundation.

So , I can truly say that Shadow Shield is a big time saver . I need not to worry about my foundation as it catches any fall outs without disturbing my foundation. You will be surprised to see how dirty they get after completing your eye makeup so it’s the proof of JOB WELL DONE!  ( as shown in the pic above) 

Also it helps me to get the perfect equal winged eye liner every time. I just have to place the Shadow Shields in the winged direction under my eyes and apply my eye liner fearlessly. Easy isn't it.

It also helps a lot while applying mascara on lower lash lines when the risk of messing with your mascara is very high.

Shadow Shields are user friendly and are very easy to carry anywhere. You can even use your Shadow Shield more than once or same for both eyes. So this makes them budget friendly as well.

You might like Shadow Shields :

  • If you want a mess free eye makeup
  • If you want to save your time
  • If you want a perfect eye liner application every time
  • If you want to apply lower lash mascara neatly

You might not like Shadow Shields :

  • Only if you want to continue with that messy tape idea.
Would I recommend Shadow Shields :

Definitely YES , for me its  a life saver :)

Shadow Shields comes with a price tag of $9.99 for 30 shields in one pack.

You can check Shadow Shields official website HERE.

You can also buy Shadow Shields  from

For more information , you can check Shadow Shields Facebookpage or follow them on Twitter.

Hope you like my efforts:)

Stay Healthy and Happy

Have you tried Shadow Shields? What's your experience ? Would love to know :)

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  1. hmm.. it can be a big help for fall out eyeshadows

    1. absolutely n for eye liner app as well

  2. They seem useful but I really don't make enough mess to buy one of these, I can just use a regular tissue paper! Unique idea though. :)

  3. Heard so many good reviews about it . love to read your review <3

  4. thats a nice product but bit expensive

  5. oh boy I sure as hell do need these.normally I app ly tons of lose powder under eye and after I am done I dust off the excess.but these sound like they will work great for me.

    1. yes , i do make a lot of mess while doing my eye makeup :/

  6. These are pretty handy but i don't really need it :)

  7. Isnt it a lil time consuming? Can we get this in Pakistan???

    1. no not at all time consuming n yes you can get from just4girls as i mentioned in my post :)

  8. A big help for amateur make up lovers.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. I just noticed I am your follower already.. If you liked my blog, I'll be honored if u followed me. <3

    1. would love to , consider it done ... n thanks for following :)


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