Sneak Peek of My Goodie Bag From Luscious Cosmetics


From my previous post ( click HERE for details) many of you may already know that our Lahore first ever Beauty Bloggers meet up was held on 12 Jan , 2013 Sponsored by none other  then a very proud Pakistani Brand ” Luscious Cosmetics”.

I am so much thankful to Luscious Cosmetics for being the first and taking the initiative of recognizing and honoring Pakistani Beauty Bloggers. This proves their international standards and their professionalism . Love to Luscious and to my fellow bloggers.

During our meet up , Anam from Luscios Cosmetics joined us and gave us a sneak peak of upcoming Luscious products and promotions. Anam also gave each one of us a goodie bag which was generously filled with Luscious goodies.

So you want to know whats inside my goodie bag ? Here i go ;)

Happy Me( Sana@makeupoholics ) with my Luscious Goodie Bag
Thank You Luscious Cosmetics <3 

My Luscious Goodie Bag

My Luscious Goodie Bag generously filled with Luscious goodies

Luscious Cosmetics Mag - Giving a sneak peak of Luscious Events throughout the year + product details and makeup looks 

Luscious Cosmetics Pink Pouch 

Luscious Cosmetics Limited Edition 5 anniversary bestselling eyeshadows set 

Luscious Cosmetics Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in CRUSH 

Luscious Cosmetics Catwalk Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick in Shade 03 Buff Pink 
read review HERE

Luscious Cosmetics Super Moisturizing Lipstick in Just Peachy
read review HERE 

Luscious Cosmetics Color Stories in MIDNIGHT FEAST 09

I so love my goodie bag . Seriously it felt like it was totally filled by keeping my personality and  my likes in mind. The lipstick shades of peach and pink even the tri eye shadow and the limited edition set, cat walk eye liner  or the beautiful lip gloss , i love each one of them. THANKYOU SO MUCH LUSCIOUS COSMETICS for such a delicious goodie bag :) 

Will soon post the detailed reviews about the remaining beauties. 
For Beauty Bloggers meet up post click HERE

For Luscious Cosmetics and their five year celebration complete information , check my post HERE

Follow Luscious Cosmetics and their five year celebration starting online at their WEBSITE and at their FACEBOOK page  or join them on Twitter

Hope you like my efforts :)

Stay Healthy and Happy

Dont forget to share your views . Would love to read your comments :)

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  1. Loved the goody bag! Using and loving the stuff now <3

  2. The goodie bag is so awesome...I think you are the only one who got a pink pouch, mine is golden. =D
    Lovely post... <3

    1. yes no doubt about it and yes m the lucky one who gt the pink one :)

  3. I cant wait to see reviews!! Lovely post :)

  4. WOW rather a BIGGGG BIG BIG WAOW...and a little AOW for why I missed it...lolz..enjoy ur bag and if u wanna share anything I am here...lolz <3


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