Event : Luscious Cosmetics Launches for the first time in Pakistan: ‘Luscious Loves Fashion’ An Exclusive and Limited Edition range of Nail Colours in collaboration with 14 of Pakistan’s top fashion designers + Bloggers Meet up


Luscious Cosmetics Launches for the first time in Pakistan:

‘Luscious Loves Fashion’

An Exclusive and Limited Edition range of Nail Colours in collaboration with 14 of Pakistan’s top fashion designers!

[Lahore: Monday 25th February 2013]: 

To celebrate their 5th anniversary, leading beauty brand Luscious Cosmetics revealed a first of its kind campaign in Pakistan: Luscious Loves Fashion: Presenting a collection of limited edition nail colours created in collaboration with 14 of Pakistan’s leading fashion designers for S/S 2013. Each nail polish shade has been chosen by and named after their respective designer, bringing their signature shade for the season into your wardrobe, so you can wear your favourite designer from top to toe!

In attendance at the Luscious Cosmetics press conference were designers Kamiar Rokni, Sara Shahid of Sublime, Khadijah Shah of Elan, Maheen Kardar Ali of Karma, Nina of Nickie Nina, Zara Shahjahan, Rana Noman Haq; Models Meesha Shafi, Zara Peerzada, Cybil and Fia; Stylists Shahzad Raza, Shammal Qureshi, Asmaa Mumtaz, Maram Azmat, Aabroo Hashmi and Redah Misbah and Interior designer Hamza Tarrar.

Collaborating designers include Ammar Belal with a rock and roll metallic grey shade, Élan with a luxurious lavender grey, Fahad Hussayn with jewelled sapphire blue, HSY with a subtly shimmering red, Karma with a popping pink, MUSE with teal, Nickie Nina with amethyst purple, Nomi Ansari with a sizzling coral, Sana Safinaz with a showstopper red, Sania Maskatiya with a sunshine yellow, Sublime by Sara with a peppermint green, The House of Kamiar Rokni with a retro orange, Umar Sayeed with a Parisian pink and Zara Shahjahan with summery peach.

 The Limited Edition collection of designer nail polishes will be available at designer specific stores and select retail outlets as of 05 March 2013 and at lawn exhibitions at PKR 295 per bottle

On the launch of Luscious Loves Fashion, creator Mehrbano Sethi said
 “Luscious has always supported Pakistan’s fashion industry and sought to work with a diversity of Pakistan’s most coveted beauty and fashion personalities to redefine and refresh the nation’s beauty benchmarks . In keeping with this commitment and in celebration of our 5 years of beauty, we now introduce this limited edition range of designer nail polishes – a ground-breaking collaboration in Pakistan between beauty and fashion, where each designer’s shade reflects their design philosophy for the season. This is an exciting first for us in line of much more to come.” 

Indeed, having first introduced their luxurious and glamorous products in Pakistan in late 2007, Luscious is committed to high quality, fashion-forward shades and exceptional colour results. They have ensured that their dynamic product range and affordability keep the brand on the cutting-edge of the beauty industry, with each product formulated for high-performance results at par with premium beauty brands. Five years since its launch, Luscious Cosmetics has gone on to be selected as one of the fastest growing brands in the Arabia500 index, part of the Allworld Network. Luscious Cosmetics is now available at outlets across 18 cities throughout Pakistan, available across 32 cities through their website sales and most recently, also in the UAE, with presence in other countries expected within this year. 

For more details , check Luscious Cosmetics Website HERE  or check their Facebook page HERE 

‘Luscious Loves Fashion’
14 Beauties at the LAUNCH 

‘Luscious Loves Fashion’
 Divas Behind the Legendary Efforts

 The Gorgeous Mehrbano Sethi Creator of Luscious Cosmetics

 Mehrbano Sethi Creator of Luscious Cosmetics
This LADY has some serious talent !

‘Luscious Loves Fashion’


( L - R ) :  Fakhra and ME ( Sana@makeupoholics ) 

( L - R ) : Ayesha , Fakhra and ME ( Sana@makeupoholics ) 

( L - R ) :  Marib , Fakhra and ME ( Sana@makeupoholics ) 

( L - R ) : Ayesha ,  Fakhra and ME ( Sana@makeupoholics ) 

( L - R ) :  ME ( Sana@makeupoholics ) , Ayesha and Fakhra 

( L - R ) : Marib , Ayesha and ME ( Sana@makeupoholics ) 

ME ( Sana@makeupoholics ) 

( L - R ) : Marib , Ayesha and ME ( Sana@makeupoholics ) 

‘Luscious Loves Fashion’
Some Exclusive Images 

( L - R ) : Ayesha , Marib , Fakhra and ME Sana@makeupoholics ) 

( L - R ) :  Fakhra Marib , Mehrbano Sethi Creator of Luscious Cosmetics , ME Sana@makeupoholics and Ayesha  

( L - R ) : Ayesha , Anam@Luscious Cosmetics , Marib , Fakhra and ME
( Sana@makeupoholics ) 

ME ( Sana@makeupoholics ) 

My Thoughts : 

Luscious Cosmetics management is  kind enough to not only arrange a First Ever Bloggers Meet up in Lahore  but they invited the Bloggers from Lahore to attend their Exiting New Product Launch i.e : 

Luscious Cosmetics Launches for the first time in Pakistan:

‘Luscious Loves Fashion’

An Exclusive and Limited Edition range of Nail Colours in collaboration with 14 of Pakistan’s top fashion designers!

Not only the idea behind the Launch is amazing , but the Launch itself was outstanding . And not to forget , the nail colours were just mouth watering .

The evening was well managed and beautifully organized . The 14 beauties were proudly standing on a stage and were absolutely mesmerizing. 

To my great surprise , Mehrbano Sethi Creator of Luscious Cosmetics greeted me with a humble , warm welcoming smile and said while hugging me " you bloggers are doing an amazing job " Oh my my , i felt myself sky high with that warm welcome. I mean the lady met me for the first time ( may only saw the bloggers in the meet up pictures ) and still remembers me personally. And after that Anam from Luscious cosmetics also greeted with such a warm welcoming smile. No doubt , there are always some great minds and hearts behind great achievements . Luscious Ladies won my heart totally <3  

It was great to meet my fellow bloggers Marib , Ayesha and Fakhra again . Not to forget , it was Marib's efforts to make all the arrangements for the meet up . Love you Marib <3 

P.S : we totally missed you Sahrish <3

And the rest of the evening was full of LUSCIOUS MOMENTS ... the place Veranda Bistro , The Launch of amazing 14 designer Nail Colors , The Luscious people , the designers , my lovely bloggers  and the amazing food .. everything was absolutely perfect and  will always have a special place in my heart as my Luscious golden memory :)

Once again , I am so much thankful to Luscious Cosmetics for being the first and taking the initiative of recognizing and honoring Pakistani Beauty Bloggers. This proves their international standards and their professionalism . Love to Luscious and to my fellow bloggers.

Please click for details First Ever Bloggers Meet up in Lahore

For Luscious Cosmetics and their five year celebration complete information , check my post HERE

Follow Luscious Cosmetics and their five year celebration starting online at their WEBSITE and at their FACEBOOK page  or join them on Twitter

So , have  a happy LUSCIOUS shopping girls !

Hope you like my efforts:)

Stay Healthy and Happy

Dont forget to share your views . Would love to read your comments :)

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  1. m soo jealous :P

  2. oh when did they invite :( u look so good mashallah.All of you look lovely.Great post

  3. Everyone looks great, looks like a very fun filled event:) xx

  4. fabulous pictures, all you ladies look gorgeous! xx

  5. Oh what a lovely post, remind me that beautiful day and the other beautiful memories :) (Wapda ;))
    You all guys looks super duper and lovely


    1. lol oh yeah how can i forgt ...
      it was great meeting you like always dear <3 :)

  6. You guys look amazing. This collection looks so exciting! :D x

    1. thank you so much dear ... yup i agree :)

  7. Gorgeous ladies! i love the new bottles of this collection :)

    1. thank you so much dear , yeah the look pretty :)

  8. Thank you for mentioning me, Sana, love youu! Meharbano Sethi looks seriously adorable in that first photo of hers. Very well put together post. :) Love all of the pictures. :)

    1. You are such a sweetheart marib , its really a pleasure knowing you dear :)

  9. OMG!!! All of you were looking epic-ly beautiful <3 xox


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