Review and Swatches : Luscious Loves Fashion: Designer Nail Colors : Umar Sayeed


Luscious Loves Fashion: Designer Nail Colors : Umar Sayeed 

Some information about the Launch 

To celebrate their 5th anniversary, leading beauty brand Luscious Cosmetics revealed a first of its kind campaign in Pakistan: Luscious Loves Fashion: Presenting a collection of limited edition nail colours created in collaboration with 14 of Pakistan’s leading fashion designers for S/S 2013.

Each nail polish shade has been chosen by and named after their respective designer, bringing their signature shade for the season into your wardrobe, so you can wear your favorite designer from top to toe!

For more details about the Launch and event , check my post HERE

Everybody is raving about Luscious Loves Fashion Designer Nail Colors these days . And i was lucky enough to witness that historical moment . Lucky me huh :) 

I couldn't resist to try few beauties from the launch . And this time my pick is Luscious Loves Fashion: Designer Nail Colors : Umar Sayeed's Parisian pink 

The Packaging : 

The Applicator : 

Swatches : 

My Thoughts About It: 

Many of you already know from my previous posts that how much i love Luscious Cosmetics. As Luscious Cosmetics management is  kind enough to not only arrange a First Ever Bloggers Meet up in Lahore  but they invited the Bloggers from Lahore to attend their Exiting New Product Launch i.e : 

Luscious Cosmetics Launches for the first time in Pakistan:

‘Luscious Loves Fashion’

An Exclusive and Limited Edition range of Nail Colours in collaboration with 14 of Pakistan’s top fashion designers!

For more details about the Launch and event , check my post HERE

My other picks from the collection were Ammar Belal and Nomi Ansari

And my third pick from the limited edition is Umar Sayeed's Parisian pink I really love this pastel pink color in the bottle specially when pastel colors are a big trend this season . 

The color look gorgeous . I absolutely love it . But i really don't like the formula. 

Just like the remaining collection , the packaging is Classy and is not less then any high end nail polish bottles . Instead it reminds me of my Picture Polish bottles . As i mentioned in my previous post ,  the bottle is UNBREAKABLE . Well i can say that because i accidentally dropped the bottle on the marble floor and i literally closed my eyes for few seconds but to my great surprise , there wasn't even a teeny tiny scratch on the bottle . And  this is  a great feature for new moms like me or any person having the habit of dropping objects just like ME ;)

The formula of this shade is too thin/liquidy . The formula of  Ammar Belal and Nomi Ansari are much better then this.  You can only achieve the shade shown in the bottle after 4-5 coats .  It needs almost two minutes to dry off completely .Again Ammar Belal and Nomi Ansari are much better in coverage and drying time . Its also highly recommended to apply the second coat only after when the first coat is completely dried . As its really hard to get the even coating because of the thin formula . 

The staying power of this shade is as good as  Ammar Belal and Nomi Ansari . I wore it on my nails for almost 3 days without a top coat and it lasted perfectly . Apart from the formula I Soooo love this color !

Again , the other drawback would be its small applicator. Though people having small nails may find it perfect to work with it . 

You might like it if : 

  • You love this shade . 
  • You find it highly affordable . 
  • You expect your nail color to come in an UNBREAKABLE bottle ;)
  • You expect your nail color to stay fresh on your nails without any top coat for maximum days.  

You might not like it if : 

  • You don't like the small applicator 
  • You don't like its formula 
  • You expect your nail color to dry more quickly

Would I recommend it : 

Only if you can manage to work with its formula and drying time . Its highly affordable . 

Luscious Loves Fashion Designer Nail Colors Limited edition are available in 14 gorgeous shades and priced only PKR 295 . 

Please click for my reviews about Luscious Loves Fashion Designer Nail Colors Limited edition  Ammar Belal and Nomi Ansari

Once again , I am so much thankful to Luscious Cosmetics for being the first and taking the initiative of recognizing and honoring Pakistani Beauty Bloggers. This proves their international standards and their professionalism . Love to Luscious and to my fellow bloggers.

Please click for details about  First Ever Bloggers Meet up in Lahore or For more details about the Luscious Loves FashionLaunch and event , check my post HERE

For Luscious Cosmetics and their five year celebration complete information , check my post HERE

Follow Luscious Cosmetics and their five year celebration starting online at their WEBSITE and at their FACEBOOK page  or join them on Twitter

So , have  a happy LUSCIOUS shopping girls !

Hope you like my efforts:)

Stay Healthy and Happy

Have you tried Luscious Cosmetics new designer nail colors ? Whats your experience ? Dont forget to share your views . Would love to read your comments :)

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  1. woooowwww.I love the nail art.Its so classy ans ur review <3 <3 xoxo

  2. v pretty nudish shade <3 love ur nail art

  3. Again lovely shade

    and u done read nail art work

    Much Love <3<3<3

  4. love the nail art with ribbon n diamantes

  5. love your nail art :) keep it up (Y)

  6. Loving your nail art more than the color hehe! <3

  7. This is such a gorgeous shade...and Love your nail art <3

    1. i totally agree and thanx a lot dear x <3 :)

  8. I really liked your review about this shade I wanted to try it, but was a little scared since I don't use light shades but after reading your review will give it a try, I also bought the Sana Safinz Showstopper red after reading this review


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