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Nail Art is a recent HOT trend . And you can turn your any dull boring nail color into glamorous sizzling mani just with the magic of Nai Art tapes . Simple , easy and affordable Nail art tapes can make you a big hit , my personal experience ;) 

Now the first question is how and from where to get these ?  

Recently many online shopping stores have popped up . And Facebook is the easiest new medium to not only find your desired product but also to run a small business from home . But i would highly recommend to do online shopping only after some valid research about the page/website as well as the owner of the page/website to avoid any fraud . Try to go through reviews  of your home country bloggers to check the repute of the store/page . So that your precious money can be saved from wastage. 

I so desperately wanted these nail art tapes . So , after some research and getting some good feedback about the owner as well as the page i decided to fulfill my wish from Nail Art Collection . 

Introduction To The Page and Owner 

Nail Art Collection:

In Their Words 

It's an online store where we provide a wide range of hand painted nail art, fashion accessories and lots of more accessories.


To serve you the best nail art , imported jewelry and lots more on short rates.

Different ways for payment : 

CASH ON DELIVERY or you can pay via easy paisa , omni , bank....

we deliver at door step via courier

The Ambitious Owner : 

I asked the young owner of the page that how she get started and all . Her reply was :

" Actully it was my craze. I love nail art and i get inspired from nail stamping. I saw it on fb once and then i decided to start it as a business . Its my need as well because m doing it for my studies expenses .. because of uni i get very short time for page maintenance but Alhumdu Lillah my clients are happy with our services " 

Well that quite impressive . Because running a business along with studies is no joke . You really need some strong determination to meet up the standards. Job Well Done ! 

Nail Art Tapes From Nail Art Collection:

Available in different colors also 

 My Nail Art using Nail Art Tapes :)

My Thoughts : 

As i mentioned earlier in this post that I so desperately wanted these nail art tapes . Nail art is my new obsession and i know how a nail art tape can add that extra glamour to any dull nail color . 

I am thankful to  Nail Art Collection as i inquired about the availability of the products but they were kind enough to send these nail art tapes for a review . Much appreciated.  

So , after getting these , i couldn't wait to give them a try. 

How To Use Nail Art Tape : 

First , apply a base coat of your choice on your nails and let it dry completely .  Then simply apply your nail art tape just like you will apply the ordinary tape . Just with an extra care as these are too thin to handle and you need to secure the opening after every use or you will spend the whole day in finding one ;) 

Secure your nail art with a top coat always . And that's it ! Get ready for the bundle of compliments :)

Its really simple . I mean if i can do it ( while handling my baby ) anybody on earth can do it :)

Would I Recommend : 

Yes , these beauties are simple , easy and affordable . 

Nail Art Tapes are available in various colors at Nail Art Collection for just PKR 50Check HERE for more colors . 

Check Nail Art Collection for more things related to nail art, fashion accessories and many more. 

Hope you like my efforts :) 

Stay healthy and happy 

Have you tried Nail art tapes ? Whats your experience ? Would love to know :) 

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  1. I really like your second and third nail art . Nice thorough review xx

  2. omg i was wondering how the line is so straight and nice xD this is the secret lol xD thanks for sharing

    visit my blog ^^

    1. lol ... thanks a lot dear n my pleasure :)

  3. nail art collection is an amazing page.Things are very reasonably priced there.Thank you for the lovely review sana.Your nail art ideas rock <3 <3

    1. yup i agree n thanks a lot dear <3 :)

  4. was waiting for this will get few for myself IA:)

    1. yeah i knw thts why i posted it asap :)

  5. Good Job, its very nicely done!:)

  6. very well done sana :) no doubt straight line is a good job :)

  7. Wow super lovely, the Umer Sayeed one is super duper <3

    Much Love <3

  8. great hunn, n u r doing it so neatly

  9. Wow these tapes are making ur nails stand out!! Plus the price is sOo reasonable!!
    Love ur blog!
    Do follow me at

  10. thanks a lot dear n would love to :)

  11. wooowwwww lovelyyyy .... will absolutely try it ..

    1. thanks a lot dear n dont forget to share the results :)

  12. the black/grey/silvery nails are my favorite! so pretty, honestly.

    check/follow my blog please:

    1. thanks for visiting dear and appreciating my efforts , would love to follow back <3 :)

  13. Hi! I love you nail art! Please do check out my blog if you have time: Thanx n look 4wrd to hearing from you!

    1. thanks for visiting dear and sharing your views. would love to <3 :)

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  16. wow! great job at all the nail art :) the umar sayed shade is SO gorgeous!
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    I am also hosting a giveaway. Join it if you are interested :)

    1. thanks for visiting dear and sharing your views <3 :)

  17. thanks for visiting and appreciating my blog .would love to :)


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