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Hi Makeupoholics , 

In my last post about Online Shopping Store : : Personal Shopping Experience with pictorial guidelines , i mentioned that I ordered a bag from them and was fully satisfied by their services. 

But what about the product ? Was it also satisfactory ? Lets check it out .... 

My baby is after my bags these days. I mean she has destroyed my Gul Ahmed's bag and Stylo bag ( worth around 4000 PKR ) within a month . Apart from these , i have many other bags but they are either so expensive that i don't use them roughly or not of the size that can easily carry all the mummy stuff ( yes my LARGE HANDBAG is just stuffed with my baby's  stuff that can soothe her tantrums instantly ) . 

So , i was in search of a bag that is COST FRIENDLY and is of BIG SIZE. No i didn't mention Durable because i know my baby very well and her abilities . So if it lasts at least few months i would be thankful :) 

To read about my shopping experience with , click HERE

So , my package arrived in no time , it was securely packed in box . Please check the pic below 

My Hand bag was safely packed Sparkles Accessories Hand Bags

Product Details 

Small Pouch came with the Bag 

My Thoughts About Sparkles Accessories Hand Bag

I must say that I am not only satisfied by the services of but also quite satisfied  with the quality of this bag . 

Like the color . Its not as dark as shown by the website pics and not as dull as shown in my pics. It has a perfect shade  somewhat between camel and mustard color with a patch of yellow and camel brown ( not jet black as was shown in the product pic , THANK GOD ! ) . 

Quality is also fine . As it is made of artificial leather but its not the cheap one artificial leather that can be torn into pieces easily. 

The best thing about this bag is its storage capacity and many pockets and compartments . I mean i can easily stuff it with baby and my things separately .  Also love the extra pouch that was given with it . You can carry your mobile or coins in that . 

Overall , its a good everyday bag . From studies , lunches to shopping, you can carry it anywhere ( while stuffing it with as many things as you want ) . Perfect for ladies like me who carries  almost a mini house in their daily casual bags ;) 

This Sparkles Accessories Hand Bag  comes with a price tag of PKR 2,450 and you can easily purchase it from

Hope you like my efforts. 

Stay Healthy and Happy 

Have you purchased anything from ? Whats your experience ? Would love to know :) 

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  1. The bag looks quite stylish! And love to your baby <3

    1. awww .. thanks zubia khala for the love frm Baby Anaya :) <3

  2. wow.....loved the bag hun....its very trendy and stylish....xoxoxo.....:)

  3. Very nice selection dear, I lovvvved it :)

  4. Wow I love the bag... Nice pick...this seems quite spacious too... :)

  5. haha i loved reading about the destruction that your baby does! im sure the naughty baby enjoys doing that haha

    1. you cant even imagine ;) thanks for liking x

  6. haha my beloved accessorize bag is in shatters due to the constant pull and tug of my children, just one of the woes of mommyhood. I like the bag you picked xX

  7. I do love a new bag. Looks very pretty


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