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Tags tags tags everywhere ! And i love doing tag posts ... 

I am soooo much thankful to my blogger buddies for tagging me for this post . Girls keep tagging me ;) 

I was tagged by these two beauties : 

Mahrukh from Makeup Shakeups 

You both are love and i am so much thankful to you for your love and support . May Allah bless you both always Amen <3 

So here i go with my WINTER TAG POST ... 

I was lucky enough to witness the first snow fall of this season in Murree ... Thank you Allah ALmighty for these choti choti khushyan <3

1) What’s your favorite winter nail polish?

I just love to wear nail colors n would love to try new colors every day . But thats not possible because of Salat ( Namaz) and ablution(wuzu) . Its not that i am very punctual with my prayers ( though i wish and pray that would be possible ) . But i try my best to remain in ablution(wuzu) always , i kind of feel closer to ALLAH when i am in wazoo. So i try to satisfy my passion during that time of month only ;)

My favorite winter nail colors this year were the following :
(click pics for the reviews/details )  

Maybelline NewYork Salon Expert : Rouge Couture Midnight Red 287

 Luscious Loves Fashion: Designer Nail Colors : Ammar Belal

Luscious Loves Fashion: Designer Nail Colors : Nomi Ansari's sizzling coral

2) Favorite winter lip product?

Thats easy . Coz you can spot me wearing these beauties 24/7 these days :) 
(click pics for the reviews/details )

Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in Shade 103 Rossetto/Rouge A Levres
few from this palette , though i know orange is best for spring !
NYX Luscious Lip Gloss Palette in Sweet Oranges

3) Most worn winter clothing piece?

Well if i am not in my favorite PJs or track suit ( which are like second to my actual skin ) . You can spot me wearing my favorite pair of Jeans with different tops  , sweaters and coats. 

4) Most worn winter accessory?

I dont know why but I am wearing these two pieces quite a lot lately . 
(click pics for the reviews/details )

 LOVE and BELIEVE Beaded Bracelet By Charm Factory
LOVE and BELIEVE Beaded Bracelet By Charm Factory

From The Heart Of Murree Pakistan

5) Favourite winter scent/candle?

I am in search of good scented candles these days . Have tried few available in the local stores but none of them were upto the mark . So still in search of good ones . So, my most favorite scent these days is : 

(click pics for the reviews/details )


6) Favourite winter beverage?

Coffee ! my all time fav ... 

7) All time favorite holiday movie?

Not one , there are many : 

Yeah you guessed right ! I am a fairytale believer and a die heart fan of good romantic movies ...

8) Favourite holiday food/treat?

If it tastes good i am gonna eat it ! thats my motto ;) 

Seriously i am a big food lover . Can you believe it no matter how angry i am or in a  bad mood... a good food can change my mood .... i guess my hubby is lucky ;) 

9) What’s at the top of your wish list?

Hazaroo khuwahshen aisee k har khuwahsh py dum nikley ... magar merey ATM sey pesy he bht kam nikly :( 

10) Your plans for winter Holidays?


In the end , I would like to tag the following fellow bloggers : 
( Tagging those who are not tagged yet ) 

Aaliyah Khan from Pyari Beauty

Anila from Anila Faruk Beauty Blog

Anna kazi from Ann Makeup Blog

and anybody who wants to be tagged ;) 

Will be waiting for your awesome post ladies. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post . Do let me know by your lovely comments . 

Stay Healthy and Happy 

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  1. Enjoying season's first snowfall in Murree is heaven, lucky girl! :)

  2. Lovely answers dear :)
    Enjoyed reading especially for your wishlist :D

  3. Hahaha great to know u more dear, "atm se paesay kum niklay hahahaha... Love to u n princess who was not mentioned in this post...

    1. hehehe i can write a full library on her , one post isnt enough ;)
      thnx for ur love n support dear <3

  4. Loved your answers especially am loving the first picture in the post (red nail polish with beautiful ring and bracelet) ...great to know you ... :D Oh and I love a walk to remember too... Great post..

    1. awww thanks huda , those r my fav jewelry pieces too .. my wedding jewelry :) n thts my fav movie too .. <3

  5. oh wow.....Lucky one....we are still planning ....lol.....:P its great to know you....<3....Nice post with lovely pics....stay blessed.....xoxoxo.....:)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Oops sorry dear , idk how n why i mashed up , my apologies <3

  7. It is such amazing post... i was such from you :) loving each answer

    1. aww mahrukh .. thnx a lot dear for ur cont love n support .. much love x

  8. ahhhh interesting post,,,hv u watched the movie chocolate,,i m sure u ll lov it.


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