Review with Before & After Images : Hello Glow - Whitening Plus Facial Polish


Hello Glow - Whitening Plus Facial Polish (30mg)

Every blogger is raving about Hello Glow products these days. Are they really worth it? What’s my opinion? 

Read more to reveal the truth!

In the words of Rose Link UK

Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish (30mg) (Handbag size)

What is it?

A luxurious hand blended silky powder, that glides over skin to whiten and brighten the complexion instantly.

What's in it?

100% natural combination of coconut milk powder, potato starch, milk, honey, rice and essential oils

How does it work?

Coconut milk contains natural silicones to create a very superior skin moisturiser. Combined with potato starch, which is a substantial source of Vitamin C, this product provides an amazingly natural bleaching effect. Honey acts as a natural humectant, attracting moisture to leave skin smooth and glowing.

How do I use it?

Pour onto wet hands, rub palms together to create a smooth paste, gently massage onto skin for 20 seconds and rinse off with cold water to reveal a radiant complexion. Use twice a day for optimum results.


Ingredients & Directions For Usage :

Hello Glow - Whitening Plus Facial Polish - The Actual Product 

My Thoughts About It :

Before this, I have tried HelloGlow Rose Dust - Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish and I was a big fan of that product. While having previous hit in my mind I decided to try this yet another popular product by Rose Link UK

As I have mentioned in my previous posts that I was getting super tanned which was the result of my continuous travelling between extreme weathers. No I am not a big fan of “Gora rang “ , I only wanted to get rid of my muddy tanned look and get my actual skin color back . After hearing so many positive reviews about Hello Glow - Whitening Plus Facial Polish I decided to give it a try. And I am happy I did that …

Hello Glow - Whitening Plus Facial Polish comes in a bottle which is not very user friendly. You can always expect some extra powder coming out of it. Though I must say,  its travel friendly and you can easily carry this little bottle in your purse.

The texture is like a powder having fine exfoliating granules. While trying any new skin product we totally forgt that we must not expect overnight results but not in this case . I was able to clearly see the difference even after first few washes . And after  two months of usage I must say that I am totally impressed by the product and almost all the claims are right according to my experience .

Hello Glow - Whitening plus Facial Polish claims to be

Luxurious hand blended silky powder

Glides over skin

Whiten and brighten the complexion instantly

Leaves skin smooth and glowing

All the claims seem very promising and attractive and for me they are somewhat right … To prove that I have a before and after picture …

Picture on the left was taken during the first week of Feb2014 whereas the picture on Right was taken during the first week of April 2014. The difference is quite visible I guess ...

 Before & After using Hello Glow - Whitening Plus Facial Polish 

Also after some serious research and to get the maximum results from the product,  I made some changes in the using directions just like I did while using the Hello glow anti aging facial polish .

Sana@makeupoholics directions for using Hello Glow - Whitening Plus Facial Polish

Almost daily for about a month, I use to cleanse my face with Hello  Glow - Whitening Plus Facial Polish before going to bed and anti aging facial polish in the morning ( or sometimes , vice versa)

Twice or thrice a week , I pour some powder on my palm and add few drops of water to make a  paste . Then exfoliate in round circular motions on my face for 20-30 secs . After that I leave it on my skin for 10 minutes so that it can dry off completely. Then I wet my fingers and again exfoliate for another 20-30 secs with very light hands . And then rinse off my face with medium temp water  ( not so cold  not so hot) .

And the results are simply AMAZING.  I can clearly see that it lightens and brightens my complexion leaving my skin nourished and glowing visibly. Also it not only reduces the redness on my face but helps in controlling the pimples as well by drying them out.

I simply love the coconut fragrance of this magic powder.  I so love it and its going to be my favorite skin product as I am totally satisfied by the results. 

If you think that the amount of product is not enough then I must share that even after months of usage I still have some decent amount of product left in the bottle. So its totally worth it ! 

The Only drawback I have heard is that the results are not lasting. I mean you will get your original glowing complexion till the time you use this beauty. But I will try to keep  using it at least twice or thrice  a week to maintain my glowing complexion . Also I do think that this product can only help you getting your original lost skin color due to pollution and all. It is not possible to get a 360 degree difference in your actual skin color without harming yourself.

You might like it :

  • If you want a natural ingredients based cleanser + exfoliator + polisher
  • If you want to get your actual skin color without harming your skin
  • If you want to  reduce redness on your face
  • If you have blemishes / acne scars on your face
  • If you expect it to moisturize/nourish your skin leaving it glowing
  • If you expect it to even out your skin tone

You might not like it :

  • If you think its expensive

Would I recommend it ?

Definitely YES , its totally Worth It ! 

Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Cleansing Polish 30mg comes with a price tag of £4.99 with FREE UK DELIVERY.

For more details, check Rose Link UK Website, their customer services department is very co operative.

You can also check Rose Link UK Face book page

Pakistani girls, you can buy Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Cleansing Polish 30mg from local online stores like or Beauty Arena for around PKR 650.

Have you tried Rose Link UK  products ? Whats your experience ? Would love to know :)

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  1. well I dont see much diff in photos but sometimes the results are more felt then seen.great review dear

    1. thanks dear .. bt these pics re not filtered ... n i guess the results are to some extent visible ... n remember you were the one who told me that I am getting tanned :(

  2. Can v use it on the foot too. Sun tanned foot

    1. yes you can bt why u want to use a lil expensive product on your feet ? just rub lemon on your feet n see the results..

  3. Great review, It is truly a gem product, but the sweet coco smell ...I only bear it as the product is worth using :)

    1. i love the smell :) .. love everything having coconut smell in it :D

  4. yea its little expensive but works great

  5. Very nice review....It's bad that the results are not lasting....xoxoxo.....^_^

    1. Yes , but i think you can maintain them with proper care n all :)

  6. killing poor me with your stunning looks again and again...nice review

    1. awwww YOU MADE MY DAY Lady thanksss a lot ... hugs n love <3 :)

  7. I am the only one left i think who has not used any of the hello glow product so far...
    results are quite visible dear... I want this in my life tooo

    great great review <3

    1. thanksss dear and you better get one soon <3 :)


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