Online Shopping Experience and Review : Shiny Tights/ Fluorescent Tights from Uptown


From runways to red carpets .. shiny tights are a big hit this year ... I was so tempted to get my hands on them but unfortunately .. the good quality ones are not easily available . 

My search ended with my latest discovery of an online shopping store UPTOWN who is offering high quality and trendy fashion wears at such reasonable prices.

in their own words 

Uptown is an online ladies wear store which is Islamabad, Pakistan based. 


Uptown is an online street brand for girls having a variety of clothing products.
-pret wear

maxi, gowns and fancy Pakistani designs are also made on orders.

My picks from the store were : 

Shiny Tights/ Fluorescent Tights

Price: Rs.550
Waist stretchable from 22 to 38 inches
Length: 39 inches

Shiny Tights/ Fluorescent Tights in "Black" 

Shiny Tights/ Fluorescent Tights
"Off White" 

Price: Rs.550
Waist stretchable from 22 to 38 inches
Length: 39 inches

Shiny Tights/ Fluorescent Tights in "Off White" 

My Thoughts About these : 

I was a huge fan of Khaadi tights but not after these .These Shiny Tights/ Fluorescent Tights from Uptown are far better in quality and look . 

When i first received my package , i was not so sure about the fitting and length of these tights . But once you wear them , they are gonna look so classy and elegant . 

The material is stretchable that just fits perfectly according to the measures of your body but at the same time its not uncomfortable or itchy . Even you can easily carry these during summer season . 

They are shiny but in a classy way . The ones you can spot on red carpets and ramps. I was really looking for this material as the ones available in the local markets are no way near the quality of these tights . Also these are super affordable . 

You can just pair them up with eastern or western outfits and they are gonna make you stand . I tried these with my long kurtas aswell as short shirts , both way they just simply look amazing . Even from formal to casual wear they can really add up to your overall look .  I mean a Mom like me can carry them and look stylish :)

I am saving these to compliment my Eid day outfits so keep watching this space ... ;)

Would I recommend these ? 

Definitely Yes . Believe me if your a big fan of Khaadi tights and are willing to pay around 1500 around for those , these are much better in quality , looks and price . These just cost you around 500 PKR which is quite affordable for everyone.

For more variety and details , check UPTOWN facebook page.They provide COD services as well and there customer services are super fast and friendly .

Are you into tights/jeggings fashion  ? Have you made any purchases with UPTOWN ? Whats your experience ? Would love to know :)

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  1. These are cute specially Black one is so nice. Great that these are comfortable too.

    1. yeah .. they are sooo comfy .. thanks dear :)

  2. They are beautiful :)

  3. i love tights be it printed or shiny... thanks for sharing this new store with us... :)

  4. They look so good =o definitely gonna have to try them out ^_^

  5. Love the offwhite one :)

  6. Loving very nice i am so liking the pics 😘

  7. wow the tights are pretty and wow they look great on you.I wish i could carry the shiny tights like you **sighs**

  8. I searched all over for such tights!
    thankyou so much for this post defo gonna try it <3

  9. Such an amazing selection would love to buy

  10. Very well explained. I would like to say that it is very interesting to read your blog.

  11. look nice and comfortable
    thanks for sharing


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