Event Report : The body Shop Red Musk Launch at Aura Grande Islamabad Pakistan- Break the rules and play the game! Be your self! Be scandalous! Be red!


One of the most LUSH EVENT in my life was The body Shop Red Musk Launch at Aura Grande Islamabad Pakistan organized by the amazing team of Constantine PR . 

The one of a kind scandalous themed, fashion show brings together on one run way the promotion of one of the most classic fragrance ever by The Body Shop  - The daring RED MUSK featuring the trendiest and influentially bold “Arora” by Roma.

Break the rules and play the game! 

Yes, this is what happened after this very fragrance and a scandalous ramp. It's been almost seventeen years now that The Body Shop has discontinued the scent "Wood Musk" which was loved by many. The loyal customers of The Body Shop waited eagerly and pleaded The Body Shop to bring 'MUSK' back to their lives. A distinctive, free spirited scent, to date by The Body Shop named as Red Musk.

This extra ordinary scent "Red Musk" is a combination of natures very much claimed 'hotness' and 'graceful addiction'. The ingredients to Red Musk happen to be pepper, cinnamon and tobacco. Stunned to know this exuberant combination. Red Musk is not a typical feminism smell instead an identity manipulator. The fragrance redefines a women and provokes a more bold side of her. No flowers, no sugar, no coconut, no fruit, just warm spicy sexiness. Not every women desires to be smelled like a fruit and a flower. Red Musk by The Body Shop is perfect for the grown up us in all and by grown up it means a matured sophisticated side. The Body Shop more or less promoted women empowerment through this unique smell. 

A distinct eye catching clothing line with scandalous look by "Arora" portrayed the image of the Red Musk amazingly well. The Red Musk fashion show was a roar from all those women who believe to exist out of bounds. Here it is that something, Wear your identity! Be your self! Be scandalous! Be red!

Red musk involves unusual spices oil extracts and not flowers for the aroma. Thanks to the Arabs and European explorers who contributed in spreading them around the globe, immensely broadening their use. The Body Shop didn't take it for granted and made the best use out of the three. The Body Shop re-released 'musk' which was being craved by their loyal customers for long by making use of pepper, cinnamon and tobacco. Red musk is a bold and blunt combination of the three being used efficiently and effectively for the aroma therapy. Red Musk by The Body Shop being the first fragrance with man-made cruelty-free musk. It won't be wrong if said Red Musk by The Body Shop exploits people's idealism and introduces new standards. 

Red Musk by The Body Shop is something you will be complimented upon. Red Musk is a revival in the scent industry by The Body Shop. One whiff of Red Musk by The Body Shop... And Be hold! Play grown up when wear Red Musk by The Body Shop. Red Musk by The BodyShop blends in so well with the body chemistry that it doesn't hit you or anyone over the head. Red Musk soothes you and doesn't spin your head. Red Musk by The Body Shop being very sophisticated classy and affordable is wanted by the most at the moment. The Body shop is totally wondrous. Red Musk being spicy warm and gorgeous is exactly what everyone wants in winters. One of the very reason it is being demanded and loved by all. Many women tried it skeptically knowing the unusual ingredients but fell head over and heals in love with it. Red Musk is worth every dime, specially this very season. Red Musk's warm spicy sultry fragrance is being worn and wanted by the majority. The most "in" and "it" thing for the fashion lovers. The musk that is used overpowers the cinnamon and intensifies the smokiness of fragrance giving it a very sexy finish over all. Red Musk by The Body Shop blends in you so well which makes it warm and comforting like that of a smell of a lover being the bestest smell ever . Red Musk by The Body Shop is a high level romance which changes you attitude. Red Musk by The Body Shop is more like heavenly ornament which can be felt. 


Scandalous themed ramp complimented Red Musk amazingly well. It can't be more apt.  "Arora" being the designer of the fashion show didn't disappoint any. The very chic cloth line exhibited through the very talented young models of Islamabad grabbed the attention of the enthusiastic audience. The showcased line amplified that attitude ; attitude being scandalous ! 

There were two music performances by Umair Jaswal and Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi. The very known and liked Umair Jaswal of Qayaas ( Pakistan's pioneer in progressive rock music) surprised the audience when he appeared down the catwalk . Even more of a surprise to catch Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi ; Nescafé Basement finest promising talent on the ramp with the models while she sang. Both the artist walked the ramp with grace and and were at ease while performing their very songs. 

The Music performance was not the only entertainment. Smash after smash, two dance performances beautifully done left the invitees in an awe. Taking them to an other world. Leaving them mesmerised and hypnotised. The invitees enjoyed it thoroughly and didn't miss a single move. 

The most scandalous ramp ever and scandalous also means awesome here. Skin is indeed in, for now and forever. It depends on how fashionably and sincerely it is magnified. "Arora" unveiled impressively. Their presence made it worth the efforts involved. The fashion show was a huge success and talk of the town. People from all walks of life attended the Red Musk Fashion Ramp. Socialites and celebrities from Islamabad attended the event with great zeal and admiration. 

Not to forget “Faiza's" one of the best names in the make up artist fraternity who contributed in the make over enhancing the look of the models in particular and the whole event in general. "Faiza's" ultra modern touch up using The Body Shop Products made an isloo night scandalous for the people who attended the fashion show.

Red Musk Fashion Ramp was certainly a memorable event. The turn out was huge and commendable. Constantine PR is over whelmed by the amazing response.

Red Musk, Arora ,Faiza's, Umair Jaswal, Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi and dance performances were the ingredients in the ongoing saga of Constantine PR's constant  innovation management. 

The work done by Constantine PR was pure quality and the efforts put into every piece could be felt.

My Thoughts and Experience 

I would really like to congratulate The Body Shop Pakistan Team and Team Constantine PR for such a successful event . Everything was a picture perfect and I am really honored to be a part of this great launch . You guys set such High Standards for the fashion and media industry <3 

Islamabad Bloggers with Hamza Ali Abbasi ( L-R )  Sana Malik , Nayab Najam , Wajiha Ahmed , Areej Usman and Fatemah Sajwani

Islamabad Bloggers
( L-R ) Areej Usman , Wajiha Ahmed , Sana Malik and shafaq Moeed

It was also the first official meetup of Islamabad Bloggers and i loveeee meeting my fellow buddies .
Me : Sana@maekupoholics with her name tagged seat... Awesome !

Islamabad Bloggers

Getting The Body Shop Pakistan Goodies Bag 

Not only they gve the Islamabad Bloggers the VIP treatment but we also got an awesome Goodies bag full of The Body Shop gems including the much raved RED MUSK ( review soon ) 

For more details on Whats inside The Body Shop Pakistan Goodies Bag , Check my blog post by clicking HERE.

Thank you so much The Body Shop Pakistan Team and Team Constantine PR for such a memorable evening . Looking forward to be a part of your awesome events <3 

For more information and updates , check The Body Shop Pakistan Official Facebook page . 

You can also check the details and information about the very talented Constantine Pr team by checking their Facebook Page

For checking the designs and details check Arora Facebook page

For more images do check my Instagram as I got the honor to do the Live streaming of the amazing event . 

My OOTD - The body Shop Red Musk Launch at Aura Grande Islamabad Pakistan

Hope you like my efforts:)

Stay Healthy and Happy

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