Event Report : Open the Gate to Goodness with Nadia Hussain!! By The Body Shop Pakistan


The much awaited Ramadan is here. The Body Shop Pakistan celebrates the arrival of Ramadan through "open the gate to goodness with Nadia Hussain". Nadia Hussain was definitely the right choice for the right cause being the brand activist for Ramadan special. Nadia Hussain, a woman of excellence who has strongly proved her mettle as an all rounder actively participating in every walk of life enhancing the definition of  women empowerment.

Nadia Hussain explained the campaign being run by The Body Shop Pakistan where some percentage of every purchase  from The Body Shop will be donated to Sweet Homes for educating the children from disaster hit areas from all over Pakistan. She highlighted how the good within us does wonders only if we strive to unleash the strength. The motivating lecture inspired the crowd immensely. Nadia Hussain's kindness towards the audience was heart touching. She said she is gracious enough to be part of the body shop campaign. 

Iqra University is collaborating for this great initiative taken by the body shop Pakistan. Students along with Yumna Aly the management iqra university was also present at the event. The BodyShop Pakistan promised them 15% off vouchers for the voluntary work they are doing. 

Dr Shazia along with her team of Sweet Homes Pakistan were also present and appreciated the role the body shop Pakistan is playing in educating the children of Pakistan. 

The children from sweet homes were also present at the event. Sweet homes is putting in great effort to groom the children. 

The Super Awesome Islamabad Bloggers
( L-R ) Fatemah  , Nayab , Sana and Areej Usman
( Sorry Mahnoor and Shafaq you are missing this pic ) 

The event was attended by bloggers,  socialites and media. "Angethi" which was inaugurated a couple of months back was the venue of the event. 

The ambiance complimented the theme. People who attended appreciated the efforts of the body shop Pakistan and spoke high of the gestures being done from their side to involve and engage the people around which surly shows how they just don't care about the quality of their products but about their people engagement rate. 

The event was planned and executed by  Najaf Nad e Ali who is the PR manager for the body shop Pakistan . Najaf and The Body Shop Pakistan took a  positive initiative to make Islamabad a bit happening and active upon arrival of Ramadan. 

Event Highlights : Open the Gate to Goodness with Nadia Hussain!!  By The Body Shop Pakistan

Two Gorgeous Ladies : Nadia Hussain and Faryal 

The very talented Mr. Najaf Nad E Ali with his Gorgeous wife Aiesha

Me (Sana@makeupoholics) with the most humble and talented lady Aiesha 

Me (Sana@makeupoholics)
My Thoughts : 

Another LUSH EVENT in Islamabad by The body Shop Pakistan Team  at a very  luxuriant place Angeethi ( check their Facebook Page Here ) . 

Great ideas are always developed by some noble minds . I am so proud of becoming a part of this amazing noble campaign by the honorable team of The Body Shop Pakistan . Sending a child to school means  a new brighter and better Pakistan . And The Body Shop Pakistan really took a great step by donating part of their every sale for the betterment of the children of Pakistan Sweet Homes . 

Not only they gve the Islamabad Bloggers the VIP treatment but we also got an awesome Goodies bag full of The Body Shop gems  ( review soon ) 

Thank you so much The Body Shop Pakistan Team and Najaf Nad E Ali for such a memorable evening . Looking forward to be a part of more awesome events  in future <3 

For more information and updates , check The Body Shop Pakistan Official Facebook page . 

For more images do check my Instagram as I got the honor to do the Live streaming of the amazing event . 

Don't forget to shop with The Body Shop Pakistan to open a gate to goodness this Ramadan for the children of Pakistan Sweet Homes who need your help for their bright future . 

Check the amazing clips and highlights of The Body Shop Pakistan - Open  the gate to goodness event by clicking HERE

Watch Nadia Hussains's inspirational message on this great cause by clicking HERE 

To Know more about Pakistan Sweet Homes click Here

Hope you like my efforts:)

Stay Healthy and Happy

Dont forget to share your views . Would love to read your comments :)

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  1. Huge fan TBS products love the fact they Always come up with fabulous range...fingers crossed for this one. Marvellous event !!!

    1. Sameee .. thank you dear .. Yes it was :)

  2. very nice post and you looking stunning xoxo

  3. Seems like a good event. You all look great. ISL bloggers rarely get to attend events; its mostly Khi or Lhr. Good to see you guys

    1. Yes thts true ... thanks a lot dear :*

  4. Seemed like Fun! and a Good Cause too
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  5. great post and event!I enjoyed both!

  6. Great step taken by TBS Pakistan!! ... beautiful set up

  7. What a event it was! Great post :)

    1. Yesss .. nice to meet you dear .. thanks a lot :*

  8. Such a nice event and lovely concept.Thanks for sharing.

  9. great event and lovely post


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