Review : Stylo Bag - My Random Purchase - Coz i Love Bags ;)



There was a time when I used to buy shoes and bags every single month . Whether I needed them or not . Yeah I was crazy ... Becoming a Mom , totally changed my priorities. Now , I shop for my baby and feel so happy about it . Her wardrobe defeated mine long time ago lol 

Today's post is just a random one . Like I am remembering my old habits with a cup of tea. Hope you enjoy it :)






Isnt this piece is just gorgeous  ? 

Well one day I was not in a very good mood and my Hubby surely knows how to fix it (ahem ahem ) . He took me to a random shopping trip . 

Though I was not in a mood to buy anything but , this beauty was screaming for attention ,  to hold it and to buy it . Being soft hearted enough , i decided to give it a shelter in my warm and cozy wardrobe. 

The quality is good and the best part is that its spacious enough . I am not a big fan of Stylo products lately , but I am satisfied with this purchase . 

This bag was actually priced around 4,000 PKR but the sale price was just PKR 1500 . Can you believe it ?

So this beauty is all mine and I am gonna rock it everywhere I go .

Hope you like my purchase . 

Stay healthy and happy 

Don't forget to share your views with me . Would love to read your comments :)

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