Review : Surprise visit to Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad - My food review and thoughts ;) Part 2


I was honored to attend the yummy launch of Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad (details HERE

So , I decided to pay a surprise visit to Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad and review their food for my lovely readers. 

Launch of Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad

About OX & Grill 
(in Their Own Words ) 

Since 2000

Ox & Grill sets the standard of fine dining excellence. A classic steakhouse. A stylish, lively atmosphere. Cordially friendly. We like to think of Donovan's as your own special place. A place where you can celebrate with friends, family and associates.. Uniquely designed private dining rooms for business events and personal celebrations. Sit-down dining or cocktail gatherings with delightful appetizers. Your personal host will help you plan a most memorable occasion.

You and your guests are always VIP. Martini Hour is time to unwind from a hectic day. Gather-up your friends for specially priced signature cocktails and heavy pour martinis, bar appetizers and complimentary prime steak sandwiches. This is the perfect time to continue those business meetings in a casual relaxing atmosphere.

Why Ox n Grill?

  • Hygienic Food
  • 100% Commitment
  • Pleasant Environment
  • Unique Presentation
  • Online Reservation
  • Affordable
  • Private Dining

Corporate Catering
From small office meetings and trainings to large events, we have the ability to have great food delivered on site saves time & money while allowing you to focus on the more important task at hand!

Social Event Catering
From birthday to large social events we cover a wide range of events of food. We will provide you complimentary values (decorations) at our part.

Surprise visit to Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad - On My Way Selfie ;)

 Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad - Restaurant Selfie :p

 Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad - My Food Voucher

 Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad - Buffalo wings
Buffalo Wings

Chicken wings tossed in cayenne pepper sauce served with ranch dressing.

Price : Rs. 380

Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad - Mint Lemonade and Blue Berry Lemonade
 PKR 190 Each 

Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad - Florida chicken Steak with Cheese and Vegetables 
 PKR 890 

Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad - St Chicken Burger
 PKR 530

Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad  - My Bill 

My Thoughts : 

I went to Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad on a Public Holiday during brunch timings . 

The ambiance was just I expected . Less crowded and comfortable with some good music and dim lightening and a comfortable sitting area. The manager there was quite friendly and helped us deciding our order ( Hubby and Me with the lil munchkin) . 

The appetizer ( buffalo wings ) reached our table in no time . They were less spicy and quite juicy from inside and the outside crust was perfectly crunchy . I like the size and amount of the wings . Hubby and my lil munchkin fully enjoyed them.

I ordered steaks ( my preference was chicken , less spicy and lots of cheese ) . So with the help of restaurant manager , my pick was  Florida chicken Steak with Cheese and Vegetables . It took some time to reach my table . But Oh man it was totally worth it . The size of the dish was huge plus it was loaded with cheese ( so healthy right :P ) . It was super delicious . The vegetables were so crunchy and fresh . Normally in restaurants , you get soggy dead tasteless vegetables as extra add ups in your dish . But i love the taste and freshness of vegetables plus the juicy less spicy steak loaded with cheese. Mouth watering really ! 

I was literally shocked after seeing the size of St Chicken Burger. It was HUGE man. Never in my life I saw such a huge burger  ( Hardees and other brands are just no where near its size ). It was my Hubby's order and he was just so satisfied with its taste and bun size. Later they told us that Ox & Grill bake their own buns . It was totally worth it ! 

Hubby ordered the mint lemonade - it was perfectly minty not so sweet and so chilled whereas blue berry lemonade was mine and it was really yummy . 

I love the meal sizes at Ox & Grill Bahria Town Islamabad . Plus the amount they charged is so reasonable. 

I was expecting some huge taxes and extra charges in the bill , but considering the meal size and yummy taste the bill was just so less then what I expected . 

Would I Recommend ? 

YES . I am not saying this because I got the meal voucher from them #makeupoholics . Believe me , if you are a meat lover then you MUST try their food . You wouldn't regret it ! 

For more information , check Ox & Grill Islamabad Facebook page. 

Launch of Ox & Grill in Bahria Town Islamabad (details HERE ) 


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Are you a meat lover ? Share you favorite Steak house name . Would love to know ;) 

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  1. Wow the food looks so delish! *_*

  2. Food looks really yummy smoothies looks so tempting

  3. i visit only one time and taste every food. food so tasty

  4. the place looks great and the food looks so tempting.thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks so yummy, defo gonna visit =))

    1. You must .. thank you dear for your kind words <3

  6. This looks yummy. Next time when I pay visit to my hometown I will definitely go here x!

    1. You must .. n even we can plan something together :)
      thank you for stopping by <3

  7. the burger contain a lot of vegetables - it's perfect combination with meat. Cocktails look natural enough, I'm sure that they are tasty too.

    1. They were super Yummm .. thank you for your comment dear <3

  8. hey what a yummy post dear its a great place for outing

  9. These wings look delicious :) seems like you had a great time :)

    1. I surely did .. thank you so much dear <3

  10. the pricing seems perfect with their serving size.

  11. @ SANA

    lemonade my all time favorite juice.



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