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I have recently joined a Pakistani Blogging Community named as BLOGGERS SQUAD PK . Its main objective is to support and help the fellow bloggers who are serious and passionate about their work . It is truly an Honor to be part of any group that believe in helping and supporting fellow bloggers.  

#BSPK ( BLOGGERS SQUAD PK ) comes up with different fun activities and this month they are having a tag post blog activity about #5thingsilove . I love the idea and here i am sharing 5 things i love in a random order . 


A good music is like a food for soul . I totally believe that . Specially after becoming a Mom  while keeping up with my hyper baby  , music is my only way of connecting to my inner self or to calm my mind and soul . 

From Lata and kishore to MJ and Back street boys , i am a music lover of almost all kind of music . From sweet soothing melodies to hip hop and even crazy dance numbers , my music play list is just full of surprises :)


 I AM A BIG FOODIE and I have no shame in saying that . Whenever I am depressed or feeling low , a good plate of food can instantly cheer me up . 

My Mom gve this golden piece of advice to my Hubby " its easy to cheer up her mood anytime , just bring her something good to eat and you will be saved" [my husband is so lucky right ;) ]

From shawarma to chocolates , Chinese to desi food , gol gappas to cheese I am one legendary food lover :p


I am a MAKEUPOHOLIC . If I like it m gonna buy it regardless of my need for it or how much I already have it in my drawers . 

Recently , I started hoarding highlighters ( i am so into looking like a disco ball ) . Along with that I am a huge lipstick hoarder as well . Matte bold and bright lipsticks are my huge crush . Mac Ruby woo is my all time favourite matte red and Makeup Revolution " You took my love " is my most favourite matte pink  liquid lipstick . 

After that , i have a  huge collection of blushes , eyeliners , mascaras ,  foundations , primers and list goes on . I told you am a Makeupoholic ;)

When the whole world is sleeping ( or I can say my baby and her baba are sleeping ) , I switch off the lights and enjoy my last cup of coffee with a good movie . Oh believe me , after a long hectic day it feels like I am swimming in a deep blue ocean - a perfect relaxation needed by my body and mind . 

I love watching horror , comedy , romantic and drama movies . Some of my favourite ones are  : Exorcism Of Emily Rose , Paranormal activity , A walk to Remember , If Only , the twilight , The note book , Disney movies and many more. 

There was a time when I used to buy books from my pocket money or salary every single month . 

From Faiz Ahmed Faiz , Faraz poetry to Umera Ahmed novels , Bano Appa master pieces to Asahfaq baba Zaviya collection , Mumtaz mufti , Abdullah Hussain , Shakespeare , Thomas Hardy , Danielle Steel , Stephnie , Paulo coelho and many more ...I left a huge collection of books in my Moms house.

The idea of having a book in my hands while laying in my cozy comfortable bed with a cup of coffee is just so perfect for me . I so wish to get some new books now but reading a book peacefully with a toddler is just a dream .  Someday my friend someday ... when the lil one is old enough...  !!!


I would love to wake up to the sound of soothing ocean waves or singing birds . Walking on the untouched grass , feeling its softness and breathing in fresh smell of tress and damp mud , I just love getting close to nature . Nature that is wild yet comforting not touched and ruined by human hands . 

I try my best to spend at least one day in  a month in some place where i can get close to nature . Mother nature is my ultimate cure I believe.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post . These are just the random things I love . My family , friends and loved ones are above all these . 

I am tagging all my lovely readers and fellow bloggers to post in a separate blog post or to comment under this post about 5 things they love . 

Would love to read what you love :) 

Meanwhile , Stay Healthy and Happy 



P.s : all images are from google with no intention of violating any piracy rights

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  1. Many of your loves are similar to mine especially reading, hoarding makeup and eating chocolates. Great post! :)

    Chaste & Beautiful

  2. God, I am all about food and makeup! :D <3

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  3. great post makeup and makeup and makeup and then food is my love

    1. hahaha good to know .. thank you for stopping by dear <3

  4. Lovely post, good to know about you. I guess everyone loves all these things :)

  5. Haha we all love food yay!
    <a href="http://whatfatemahsays.com>Fatemah Sajwani | What Fatemah Says </a >

    1. hahaha .. Yes we do .. food and makeup ;) .. thank you for your comment dear <3


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