Food Tasting and Review : O' My Buns ! A Yummy Treat for Islooites


O' My Buns ! Islamabad
O' My Buns Bakery & Bistro are opening their doors for Islooites soon ( 7th May 2016 ) for some mouth watering yummy treats  . Just before their launch , they gave us ( Isloo Awesome Bloggers ) the honor to test and try their yummilicious menu . For a foodie like me it was an evening in heaven !

O' My Buns ! Islamabad
O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns !
In Their Own Words 

"Many Good Things Spring from Small Beginnings"

Bon Appetit!

At O' My Buns! our buns are freshly baked right before your eyes daily, using top quality ingredients and our secret-recipe. The irresistible fresh-out-of-the-oven aroma and the warm, soft, buttery centered buns will surely draw everyone in town.

GNFoods launched O' My Buns in Pakistan . They made it possible to bring the exact taste and flavors are provided at best prices.

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

O' My Buns ! Islamabad

On our way for some food tasting at O' My Buns ! Islamabad

The Awesome Isloo Bloggers with HTK at O' My Buns ! Islamabad

Yup I am too busy to pose for the camera ;)

After all that food tasting ... Enjoying some karak chai at O' My Buns ! Islamabad

The Food Served at O' My Buns ! Islamabad : 

To be honest , ever since i have moved in to the beautiful Capital City my mouth is so missing the flavors of Lahore . And having a serious sweet tooth , m so missing the real sweet treats fun . 

Finding a real moist , soft , melts in your mouth kind of bakery items in Islamabad is not an easy job . The city was so lacking in offering some yummy treats for big foodies .

Food tasting at  O' My Buns was a roller coaster ride for my taste buds. We literally tasted the whole menu offered by O' My Buns and were about to explode by the end of the evening . 

Mr. Salman from GNFoods warmly welcome us at O' My Buns and gave a briefing about their food and procedures plus their upcoming ventures. My best wishes for their success. 

Coming to my food tasting experience , lets have a serious food talk now ;)

The first course we tasted was cheesy garlic bread and pizza inspired garlic bread . The taste of garlic bread was so different then the ones I have tasted before . The taste  of garlic bread was strong giving a pop of garlic and cheese in your mouth . For me it was good . But my favourite one was pizza inspired garlic  bread as it was full of yummy distinct flavors that just burst in to your mouth . Light but still tasty . 

Second Course was pizzas . And we were served with some yummy pizzas that were just loaded with their toppings . The meat feast pizza had so much meat in it that  I could actually taste the juicy fine chunks of meat in every single bite ( I know that's a rare case in pizzas that are available in Pakistan) . My favourite was sweet corn chicken pizza . The taste was so different yet juicy . I was so indulged in the delicious and rich taste of my sweet corn chicken pizza that i forgot to taste the veggie pizza n man i have no complaints . I just wanted their other pizzas to be more cheesy . 

Third course was burgers , breads and sandwiches . The serving size was really good  . The burgers were so big . Large buns with a big juicy patties , whether meat or chicken based they were real tummy fillers ( i really want them to reduce the size of their burger buns ). My favourite most was grilled chicken sandwich . It was super yummy !

We were also served with different slushes throughout our tasting time. I was never a big fan of slushes . Mostly because they are not properly prepared here . I literally had to convince myself to taste some and I wasn't disappointed .  The passion fruit bubble slush was the yummiest of them all . It has a more peachy taste with bubbles in it . It was super soothing in the hot weather . 

And ... we refused to taste any dessert after that .. My tummy was so full that I could hear it screaming to have mercy ... Though we mostly tasted the stuff rather then finishing the whole platters but still .. it was enough eating for the day so a strong karak chai was offered to keep us in our senses . 

Thank you O' My Buns ! Islamabad

My goodie bag items ( some were already eaten by my lil munchkin)  O' My Buns ! Islamabad

Mr.Salman head of O' my buns was kind enough that the sweet stuff was packed in our goodie bags for tasting and review . The so famous chocolate chip cookie bun was the first thing i tasted in the morning . It was super soft and light . The red velvet cup cake was so light , moist and super delicious as well . But my most favourite item from my goodie bag was hazelnut fudge brownie. Its the mood twisting , nerves relaxing , anti depressant sweet treat that I know m gonna hook to as long as i am in isloo . Its a must try item from  O' My Buns . 

All the ingredients used by O' My Buns are imported and they follow all the international production procedures for the quality food they served . 

They have both the inside and open sitting area for some fun time with your loved ones . The staff is friendly and they do know their menu very well . you can customize your order according to your liking . Plus they take cake orders for any occasions.  

Currently O' My Buns are offering the yummiest menu at best affordable prices . I really wish they stick to their prices and keep serving some yummy treats . 

Lastly , I would like to thank Mr.Salman and O' My Buns team for the wonderful time and delicious food . The goodie bag is super awesome . My best wishes for their successful business venture . 

Don't forget to checkout O' My Buns Pakistan Facebook page for all the updates. 

I will soon post about their launch event ...Dont forget to follow me on Snapchat for the live updates .  Its ***sana.sheheryar *** 

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Stay Healthy and Happy 



Ever tried O' My Buns ? Whats your experience ? Would love to know :) 

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  1. Your photos look mouthwatering and this cafe sounds so cool! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. Replies
    1. Oh Yes .. so much fun :)
      Thank you dear ♡

  3. The food looks amazing. Definitely gonna try it whenever I visit isloo again

  4. What a detailed and yummy article :D
    Literally drooling!!


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