Review : Skin Care Products By Nature Charms : Sandalwood & Rose Deep Cleansing Dough , Daily Clarifying Toner and Nourishing Lip Balm


Nature Charms : Sandalwood & Rose Deep Cleansing Dough , Daily Clarifying Toner and Nourishing Lip Balm

Hi My Dear Lovelies , 

I am extremely sorry for being MIA . But I can totally justify my absence as I wasn't well from quite some time . There was no rain for the longest time in Islamabad and I was having extreme allergy issues plus other health conditions . 

Doctor asked me to completely avoid any strong smells , anything new that can ignite my allergies . I tried many times as i was just tempted to test few new products .. but as soon as I was unpacking them or opening them ... achoooo .. my horrible sneezing session used to start just like an Indian Drama that have no endings LOL ;) 

My extreme apologies to my readers and specially to my sponsors for waiting so patiently ( I hope so ) . 

So after my lonnnnggggg gap ... here I am with a new review .. read and appreciate .... ;)

Nature Charms : Sandalwood & Rose Deep Cleansing Dough , Daily Clarifying Toner and Nourishing Lip Balm

Nature Charms 
(in Their Own Words ) 

The purity and richness of nature is just perfect to make you look youthful everyday.The gifts of nature all by themselves are packed with magical properties to enhance your beauty.Natural products have the miraculous ability to heal both externally and internally. 

Commercial beauty products cost fortunes and yet their harsh and strong chemicals strip your natural radiance . These products over a long period of time damage your skin destroying its purity and making it more vulnerable to any change in your body or the outside weather.Year after year you have no choice but to resort to these chemical laden products that eventually lose their effectiveness and you have to buy even harsher products.Many of today's skincare complaints like irritation, redness and break outs are due to these products we apply to our skin daily with potent chemicals, fillers and preservatives.

The products we create at Nature Charms are all natural and lovingly handmade from valuable plants, oils and fruits that tighten the skin,diminish lines and wrinkles, repair discoloration and protect the skin from environmental elements.Our specially formulated blends and recipes provide pure, rich minerals, vitamins , hormones ,essential fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes to skin which its direly needs. The skin readily accepts these foods and you look stunning within a week of application.

I was lucky enough to test few skin care products from Nature Charms according to my skin . 

I would really like to mention that I am highly impressed by the cute golden ribbon and net packaging of all the products along with the detailed information about their ingredients and usage . 

Well done Nature Charms ! 

Nature Charms : Sandalwood & Rose Deep Cleansing Dough , Daily Clarifying Toner and Nourishing Lip Balm

The products I got to review are Sandalwood & Rose Deep Cleansing Dough , Daily Clarifying Toner and Nourishing Lip Balm . 

Nature Charms : Sandalwood & Rose Deep Cleansing Dough 

Nature Charms : Sandalwood & Rose Deep Cleansing Dough 

Product details
Rs 790 / 4 oz.( over 100 applications)

Soap Replacement Formula: 

For every day skin cleansing soap might look as an obvious and convenient option but there is much more than this about soap. Soaps damage both the fat and protein structures on top layer of skin causing skin reactions and rougher skin texture.The soap salts that emulsify dirt and oil are by nature alkaline and will raise the skin’s alkaline pH and remove natural moisturizing factors to disrupt the skin’s protective barrier. The fatty acids in soap can have harmful effects too, by plugging follicles (pores) and causing acne.

So ditch these problematic soaps and switch to a natural ,more effective and most suitable way of skin cleansing for the sticky hot summers.Nature Charms Sandalwood & Rose deep cleansing dough ( Soap Replacement Formula )is 100% Organic, special formulation of active herbs of Neem ,Rose & Mint that remove dirt and toxins from not only the skin surface but also the deeper layers of skin.

My Thoughts About It : 

I wont lie . I was scared to use this dough as it seems more like a mud mask ( multani mask ) which my skin is highly allergic of . But I was wrong . 

It smells like a smell of mud after rain which i love . It has very fine granules that just melts with very mild circular rubbing motion on face . You just need to leave it on face for few minutes and then wash it off ( according to the directions given ) . 

For my oily / combination skin , its just so perfect . The impurities and oiliness from my face are completely washed away with this dough . It leaves my skin super soft . You may need to lock this softness with some moisturiser . But it didn't leave my skin dry after usage . 

I love this dough ! 

Nature Charms :Daily Clarifying Toner 

Nature Charms :Daily Clarifying Toner

Nature Charms : Daily Clarifying Toner

Product details
  • Acne & Oil Control
  • Shrinks Pores
  • Detoxify Skin Cells
  • Restores PH Balance of skin
  • Hydration & Nourishment

Toner is a must in daily skin care régime.Nature Charms toner makes look younger, fresher, and smoother, right after cleansing and throughout the day.

Nature Charms 100% Organic Apple & Rose Daily clarifying toner is made from pure, natural extracts of Apple which is rich in vitamins A ,B and C along with melacic acid and carotene. Active herbs like Rose Mary & Lemongrass provide a toning and astringent affect ,Rose give calming relief whilst cleansing gently. 

The toners is best suited for oily or blemish-prone skin as the ingredients help repair skin's surface, make skin feel smoother, reduce enlarged pores, and contain cell-communicating ingredients that help train pores to handle excess oil in a more efficient manner.

Usage : 

After cleansing apply few drops on cotton ball and slide it all over face , allow 15 minutes than wash off.Follow up with your moisturiser if required.

My Thoughts About It :

I love its small cute and secure packaging . But i really don't like its strong herbal smell specially when you open the bottle . Thankfully the smell doesn't lasts for longer and just fades whiting seconds from your face . 

It cleanses the face leaving it super baby soft and smooth . I really like this toner . Though i didn't feel any difference in the size of my pores after some usage may be because i don't use it regularly due to my laziness . 

Its a win , win product for me. 

Nature Charms : Nourishing Lip Balm

Nature Charms : Nourishing Lip Balm 

Product details

Dry lips deserve soft, soothing moisture from a lip balm that lasts and is not packed with toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, most of the lip balms in the market are made with parabens, synthetic fragrances and petroleum-based ingredients that dry lips out, forcing us to reapply (and continually ingest) a concoction of chemicals that are not halal or safe.These are heavy and greasy that sit on your lips for a while and then disappear without providing any benefit to your lips.

Nature Charms organic nourishing lip balm is formulated to treat your lips with the love they deserve! Our organic lip balms smell delicious and give lips the perfect subtle shine, and make them crazy soft. It is packed with hydrating oils , rich butters and honey which penetrate into the dry chapped layer removing this dead skin cells effectively.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Herbs , Honey and Bees wax (edible strawberry flavor)

My Thoughts About It :

Again the smell is strong but thankfully that stays for few seconds only . 

This balm just melts on your lips and feels very light unlike other balms . It leaves your lips so soft and moisturised for good few hours . The only concern i have regarding this balm is its strong taste . It tastes exactly like some strong herbs on my lips . Otherwise its really good . 

Would I Recommend Nature Charms skin care products  ? 

If you are into natural , pure herbal skin care products then I would highly recommend you to try their products . They are worth the try ! . 

For more information , check Nature Charms Facebook page

Hope you like my post after such a long time . 

Stay healthy and Happy 

Have you tried Nature Charms products ? Whats your experience ? Would love to know :) 

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