Something very close to my heart ! NOT SPONSORED ! NOT POLITICAL ! I AM A FRIEND OF NAMAL !


I still remember the time when I was very young and one day I saw my elder brother and sister carrying some tickets and trying got sold them out. My parents gave them all their support and decided to participate. The memory is still so fresh that how my family , our friends and even the small ones were trying to sell those tickets and trying to collect money .. money for a dream that seems to be impossible at that time .. a dream to build Shauakat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital .
My parents were huge supporters of PPP at that time … but they still participated.. tried their best to collect the maximum donations  … coz it was for Pakistan our beloved country …

Many years past by … I still support that hospital along with my parents in every way possible .. I am an eye witness to the donations spent on the needy persons .. that’s a whole new story and I will talk about that one day as well ..
A person very close to me told me that a bunch of  very bright Formanites ( Students of F.C College Lahore) trying to get their admission in Namal University for their B.Sc  .. Namal ? why ? Is it Good ? is it difficult  to get admission over there ? these were all the question I bombard them with .

To my great surprise the answer were all of those questions were YES . Namal admission criteria is very tough . As they give admission on the basis of Merit only regardless of any financial status of their students. If  you get the admission and are not able to pay your fees … Namal helps you with scholarship upto 100% totally based on your condition . Not only education , but the hostel and food facilities are free for the deserving candidates . Means equal treatment for everybody . Either you are paying the full dues or on 100% scholarship you might share the same room and definitely sharing the same food along with your teachers in the mess .  This EQUALITY captured my heart .. how is that even possible ? And the answer to that restored my faith in Humanity … with the donations of people , called as Friend of Namal .

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By becoming a member or friend of Namal , you will not only be able to help one deserving student to complete his/her studies and provide for their family but will witness all the things that were made possible by your donations in their regular events  .

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I have seen their successful Alumni , students from rural areas from very under privileged backgrounds . All their dreams cme true just because of the little help given by you and me … hand to another hand … Sadqaa Jariya

Sharing some of the success stories … Successful Aumni of Namal

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Agriculture may not seem like the ideal fit for someone with an electrical engineering background but Abu Bakar begs to differ. "Agriculture is our biggest industry and today it has to be managed in an increasingly mechanical way. There must be engineering intervention to maximize yields." Abu Bakar's business is a prime example of harnessing engineering ideas to boost agriculture production. He operates a tunnel farm for growing off-season crops. " In my hometown of Bahwalnager my family possesses plenty of land. After my graduation, I requested my father to grant me portion of the land for developing my own farm using plastic tunnel technology. This enables me to grow crops in a controlled environment. So far I have been able to grow wheat and rice." We asked Abu Bakar about which course was especially useful in helping him set-up his farm. His response was Project Management. "After my time at Namal University, I have developed the habit of working hard and that really helped in setting up my farm". Abu Bakar is very excited about Namal’s Agribusiness School. "If you need any of my services please do contact me". Abu Bakar (BSc Electrical Engineering, Graduate 2015)

Not only this , Namal offers Exchange program/foreign affiliations

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I am the first girl of Namal College to be selected as principal candidate of Global Ugrad Exchange Program. Behind my success is a story of many struggles. I grew up in a society which had social and cultural restrictions to female education. The time when most fathers accompanied their daughter to school, I lost mine in a car accident. Despite having limited resources, I never stopped dreaming; in fact I developed a never ending courage to follow my dreams no matter what comes through. I faced many challenges on my way to university. Managing the cultural pressure on girl’s education and solving the financial problems due to hefty education fee drained me emotionally. That was the time when Imran Khan’s vision became my strength. I not only got admission in Namal College but also secured a scholarship. Now I am a student of computer science at Namal College Mianwali. I hope for a great future ahead. Naveed Hakim

I tried to get in touch with Namal team to answer some of your questions :
(In their ow words )  

How to become a friend of Namal ?

Online link to become a friend of Namal ( Click HERE

You can become a member of Namal Knowledge City

To sustain and actualize Namal Knowledge City, Namal has embarked on a membership drive. The first 25000 members will be awarded the title of "Founding Members" and will be able to leave a lasting legacy at Namal, with their names inscribed on the founding members wall in the donors park at Namal Knowledge City. Members can also contribute by sharing their knowledge and expertise. All proceeds from memberships are exclusively used for operational expenses, making our members the backbone of Namal Knowledge City. The members can benefit from each other as well as the resources and facilities at Namal including the Members’ and Faculty Hotel, Time Bank (for professionals and entrepreneurs) and Knowledge Bank (for PhDs and researchers). 

For  Islamabad , Peshawar , Karachi and other Cities of Pakistan

i. Member can deposit there membership fee from online 
By Clicking HERE  

If you need any help regarding form filling you can get in touch with Mr.Farhan Namal Marketing Team by sending an email hr ( you can also add/mention His name in the reference section of your membership form . 

The most efficient way to make a donation to Namal is to donate online through the website. In case you decide to donate through other options please intimate us with your contact details and the purpose (bricks, chairs, membership etc.) of the donation (Email:, UAN: +92 111 162 625).

ii. Member can transfer money to our bank online.

Bank Name: Allied Bank
Account Title: Namal Education Foundation
Account Number: 0010026876560029
IBAN: PK89ABPA0010026876560029 .
Branch: Cavalry Ground, Lahore
Branch Code: 0933
Swift Code: ABPAPKKA

iii. Mail a cheque made out to "Namal Education Foundation"  (Address: 7A Abu Bakar Block, New Garden Town, Lahore) .

Residents of Lahore can also get their cheques or cash collected from door step by contacting our marketing team at +92 42 3578274, +92-324-9911909, +92 332-2223383.

You can also check Namal website for all the info and updates by clicking HERE . You can check their Facebook Page  , follow them on Twitter  or on Instagram

The problem these days is if you try to spread some good message people normally assume that one must be getting something out of it . Not everything is worldly . At least not in my case . 

I am sharing my receipt and acknowledgement letter from Namal University for being their memeber ( the minimum package of becoming a member or Friend of Namal is JUST PAK RS.5000 annually  . imagine giving the price that is as minimal as  your one lawn suit or your Mac lipstick as sadiqa jariyah . Also you can give them your Zakat or simply some donations .( can you give some of your Eidi ? )  

If you have any query or question or even if you are confused , you can send me message anytime on my Instagram or on my Facebook page  . 

The purpose of this post is just to share something close to my heart . I really want equal education opportunities for everybody in this Country .. for every single kid regardless of their backgrounds , religion , their status or anything... If I can help  in achieving that by any mean I will do that iN SHA ALLAH . 

I am also going to talk about it on my Instastory and will save it for you guys to watch later . 

Hope you like my efforts . 

Happy Ramadan and Happy Giving 

This Ramazan , lets GIVE More rather then Buy More .... 

Are you a friend of Namal ? Do you have any question ? Feel free to post below :)

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  1. Thumbs upπŸ‘πŸ‘.
    Effectively described the Vision of Namal.
    As a student of Namal I would say thank you dear πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰


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